When that Qatari money arrives.

201  2019-06-21 by CrevenStrowder


I want to see Nick looking like a conquistador for Spain first.

I’ll get that done for you sometime today

مساء الخير جميعاً ، أنت تشاهد أمريكا أولاً ، اسمي نيكولاس ج. فوينتيس ، لدينا عرض رائع لك الليلة

Sorry, I don't speak bomb wiring. This is America! Speak American!

-Bob sent from my Toshiba Smart Toaster

Yo, he looks good with that mustache

he looks like the gay cop on reno 911

Lawrence of Arabia vibes

Nick, please grow a mustache

White Sharia first

and that sky scraper in the back turns into a real one