BASED and REDPILLED Ugandan Patriot NUWAGABA J. FILBERT here to teach you about the dangers of eating da poo poo

187  2019-06-23 by realthorawayy


Literal big brained nibba

LMFAO. We got Black Megamind over here

Wow that 2% really shows on this picture.

Nick’s hairline in 5 years.

I did not know this became r/forsen zulul

Nick without whiteface

why ah you gahy. you ah gahy.

*ababwe ngo cheku ilubombe tebatusaasula! dis moodahfookah don do deh poo poo! I cawn taste deh sheeit in ma nose, dis nastee beech moodahfookah! IGABULTOMBE!!!!!!!!!!*

He know dee weh

LMFAO damn this is incredible

I missed this "X first" Fuentes meme glad to see it's back

Also we say no to Barack Obama bringing the sickness of eating poo poo to Uganda

enormous forehead = galaxy brain IQ

yakub is amongst us

Had to triple check whether this was on /r/clownworldwar, /r/The_Donald or /r/NickerNation