Us zoomers be like

204  2019-06-23 by naghallac


I also use The Daily Stormer and Pewnews to balance my sources out.

Thats true, you need to see both sides of the story. I leanred that in high school history class...for whatever reason....

Those and /pol/ for me

Don't use /pol/. It's all shills and boomers now.


It is.

yea ok try neinchan then bro see how far 2 posts/hr gets u

I'd rather you not use imageboards in general. I quit them.

then what do u use

Nothing really. I'm just on a close-knit Discord server. Twitter. But not imageboards.

Riot is my main 'anonymous' platform rn

I know but the bait is pretty good sometimes

It's scandalous and a near occasion. It's filled with blasphemy of all sorts, and it's not wholesome.

The most trustworthy news show on the planet!