Wtf I love Democrats now.

182  2019-06-28 by Crypto556


This makes me angry!!

what an absolutely disgusting display of antisemitism

Democrats are the real racists. This is why the RNC has my loyalty; I know they will fight for increased holocaust reparations, and to defend our greatest ally from Iran.

It's annuda shoah!

This is an absalute holocoaust!

Cut the funds! Shut em down!

They will soon

Still huge subsidies and peculiar influence, but it’s not a popular thing so they’re not making noise about it.

Bet the libs will really hate it when we move the White House to Jersusalem!

Send them all to GITMO! Better yet zero tolerance for the real anti-semites! Fast trial, death penalty.

Why tho? Like how does Israel have anything to do with anything? Even all the Zionist shills I know in my neighborhood didn't even say this.

John Bolton also threw a tantrum.

Bruh they are really starting to embarrass themselves.

bruh 😎😂😂😎🍆💦💦

If you don't praise isreal at least once every half hour you are a nazi.


Yeah, hiding in the shadows is one of the main things about Jews. They haven’t controlled the world for the past two thousand years through direct combat. They don’t want the goyim to know so it’s not like they’re going to put a Star of David on their golems

This is an absalute holocoaust!