255  2019-06-28 by RememberUSS_Liberty


democrats saying they’ll make americans pay for foreigners, right wing gatekeepers complaining about israel not being mentioned for gift money. This has to be some experiment to see how much citizens take before team killing in halo 5 multiplayer bc of troll teammates 😔

It's all happening so fast... The next decade is going to be insane.

At this point im convinced we all died in 2012 and this is some kind of purgatory type of thing

I believe that we are in the end times, christ will come again in our lifetime.

Disavow. This is anti-kirkite

His face was photoshopped to be much smaller than his head, right? Surely he doesn't really look like that?

Yes, his face is usually 0.7 percent bigger.

Yeah, but not by very much.

Ok now that face has to be edited. It wasn’t THAT small the last time I checked.

Wait is this real

No but he was thinking it so it still counts

is this real

I see what you did there

Charlie Kirk isreal Ben Shapiro isreal all these neocons isreal nicker

I know he gets made fun of a lot on Twitter, but are there any examples of Charlie Kirk being bullied IRL? Or is he too insulated by his Zionist Boomer handlers?

Who wants to post this to r/conservative and see if they upvote

This is sub similar to Million Dollar Extreme?

Is his face edited?

If so, I think we can go further, and it would still be believable.

Kinda looks like John Candie, now. Lol!

Good name OP