As long as they disabled parts of my brain LEGALLY!

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Fascism is the reaction of a society that is unraveling in the face of external threat.

No one argues that military men should act like hippies, bc they are faced with extreme danger and need to embrace authoritarianism or be killed.

That’s why the Holocaust threat is constantly emphasized to justify Israel’s policies.

This is what woke me up. I was a pretty hardcore libertarian, but now I realize the vast array of threats that we currently face. Libertarianism is end-game shit, first we need to band together to eliminate any of those who seek to do harm.

Exactly fascism is not some enlightened ideology its basically an emergency response to an infection.

When people perceive a threat, they go into a heightened fight or flight response that forces them to obsessively focus on eliminating this threat.

When it comes to threats to a nation, no one individual can remove the threat so they need to work together to remove it, which requires a coordinated, collectivist response.

In authoritarian collectivist systems, all work together to achieve a common end, taking care of each other while abiding by their role in the hierarchy.

Once the threat is removed, the people tend to relax. Countries like America and Britain have mostly avoided authoritarian collectivism bc they're surrounded by giant moats which protect them from outside attacks.

Changing demographics will create ethnic group conflict that put everyone on edge, as ethnic groups feel backed into a corner with no political outlet and nowhere to escape to.

Best take I’ve seen on fascism. The Roman Republic was pretty chad with the whole dictatorship thing.

It’s a shame that Dictator has gone from being a genuine position of authority meant to stabilize and secure the state in situations of extreme crisis to just “any leader that I don’t like”. Without Cincinnatus Rome could never have survived long enough to achieve greatness.

I think it's safe to say the west is facing an external threat right now...

It wouldn't be an external threat if we weren't internally weakened. It all goes back to the world wars. Too many men died and the ones that survived had ptsd. The lack of healthy masculinity allowed for decadence to creep in. That's why the first generation after WW2 embraced femininity and became navel gazing hippies.

That and the propaganda that really ramped up after the introduction of T.V.

Our problems go back way before the World Wars.

Since when?

Hard to pinpoint the exact date but at least since abolitionism and certainly well before that

That’s not why. It had to more with the cultural dialectic shifting towards a more free-wheeling, relaxed style in an age of unprecedented prosperity, where the main threat was being drafted in Vietnam, which was a stupid war.

People reacted to threat of being killed for capitalism by militarist patriots by becoming anti authoritarian leftists — the exact opposite of how a Vietnam soldier was supposed to behave. Soldiers had crewcuts, hippies had long hair.

Unfortunately, while they were distracted by this threat, their defenses lowered to the hostile elite which subverted their homeland, and we’re paying the consequences.

Navel gazing ain’t bad if you do it the Orthodox way (Hesychasm)

The threat is almost entirely internalized. Non-government organizations are freely importing enemy combatants into our towns and we have no control over this. Voting changes nothing, the election of Trump has not stopped the flood of hostile forces into our country.

I suppose if you disabled the threat-processing parts of the brain you'd also make people more accepting of pedophiles, wild animal attacks, raging wildfires, and a whole host of other things.

Did anybody think maybe humans evolved the ability to correctly recognize threats for a reason?

Did they just admit that migrants are a threat?

Free market goy, create a competing brainwashing service if you don't like it

I've been thinking a lot about the serenity scene where they discover an entire city just laid down and let themselves die. That's what all this rhetoric of "white bad, brown good, penis go in asshole, strength bad, women fight, kids ruin ur life" reminds me of.

Will the last white man please set off the h-bombs?

Disabling parts of your brain decreases religiosity

Atheists confirmed for literal brainlets.

Living in a low-stress environment caused by the abundance of wealth has led to a decline in our overall religiousness and ethnocentrism. Or magnets.

Wait.. is this real?

Yes. For bonus points look up “Brainsway”

Noses aren't nearly long enough on the left side of the wall.

I'm still not a fan of religion. Imagine if instead of having a culture of "I'll respect your irrational beliefs as long as they don't impact me." we had a culture of "You're a fucking retard and I'm gonna call you out on it." where we'd be.

Does this mean Leftists are mentally deficient?

Soon our goy-pacification devices will be installed in every iPhone and Android in the US