Thank you free market capitalism, very cool!

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Bad Optics meme

Bad Optics? How about ----->>>

Your mom is bad optics.

You see bad optics, I see a doctor. 😍😍😍

Fuck your optics, boomer.

“But at least we’re not speaking German though, right guys”

Remember, we’re the good guys!

It's incredible how many Boomers actually think that was ever a possibility

and gen x. My parents still believe it and when I bring up what Hitler was actually doing in taking back Greater Germany, they just say ''beep boop why are you defending Hitler beep boop."

How the fuck is invading Russia taking back Greater G*rmany

Hitler invaded at an inopportune time with equipment not meant for defense. Russia defended with equipment meant for offense at an opportune time. Chances are that Russia was about to invade Germany, or maybe Hitler was tired of millions of Russians being murdered by Jews and invaded.

lol as if anyone could ever invade the usa

tfw we will never get based red dawn nork juche invasion


It's not free market, it's poz. That's the whole point. If it was about money they wouldn't show shit no one wants.

Thank You, Ben Shapiro; very cool.