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Crapo Fap house

Has antifa ever bothered someone that wasn’t working class?


The tuck is an honorary working class chad for his devotion to advocating in their best interests.

Long live the Tuck! The true hero of the people!

im gonna fuck the zuck wait what

It is increasingly obvious the chapotraphouse guys don't actually believe in marxism they're just in it for the grift

Antifa is just tribalistic beta losers who want to feel like they are powerful because irl they are just a bunch of sad beta males living in their moms basement.

They claim to be fighting fascism while they just assault innocent people and vandalize peoples shit.

They want to start a revolution while not having any guns most of them use mace and random shit from a hardware store.

Yeah go ahead start a war let me know how that works out for you, because the people you call fascist are ex police, combat experience vets , and gun owners.

And what is antifa ? A starbucks barista ? A cashier ? a McDonald's employee ? Maybe a janitor ? With experience in what ? Gender studies ? Art history ?

Let the revolution begin, lets get it over with these morons are going to lose.

They did a survey a few months ago and the amount of male-to-female transgenders they have is beyond parody, it was comparable to the amount of actual women from what I remember (found the thread but the google docs results link has expired). Literal circus.

well, at least we now have the upper hand. In a conflict with antifa they start with 40% of casualties

imagine an enemy that kill itself because you dislike them

Sign me up

Bro all the benefits of Goy Force without any of the bullshit?

Nick is the antithesis to these roleplaying faggots, in the best way.

They come from comfy families with no adversity, Nick came from the Chicagoland area. They pussy out and attack innocents, Nick decimated the grifters and the leftoids (with words!)

Nick is actually a POC.

What the right needed was someone genuinely funny and hip to all of their subculture faggot terms and behaviors. Before Nick there was really only Sam, and he’s behind a paywall now

I’ve seen people call him “smug” and “overconfident,” but that’s frankly what we need right now.

Funny how antifa and the far left didn’t give a fuck about the camps on the border until the democratic establishment used it to whip up opposition to trump. When the democrats had the exact same policies, their mouths were shut like obedient puppets.

Listen I’m all for shitting on chapo turbo nerds but in what world is public healthcare beneficial to big business

Power consolidation, it's the manner in which they will go about implementing it. Truediltom as a good video on why corporations tend to back leftist agendas and it goes into detail about how it's just a power play for the two domains to consolidate their power.

corporations tend to back leftist agendas

Lol what a dipshit.

Nah man. Not on healthcare. Private insurance companies and big pharma throw millions and millions of dollars at politicians precisely to quash any attempts at nationalising healthcare, and they dont even hide it. Where the big companies have overlap with lefties is on the social issues and immigration.

Meanwhile every other company would no longer have to include healthcare options to their employees??

It’s almost as if the issue is more multi-faceted than a stonetoss comic could possibly represent fairly

You make a good point friend, if not for the fact that the same politicians who want to introduce public healthcare are also the same ones banging the drum on massive increase to corporate tax and various other taxes that would impact the ultra-wealthy.

You are Berne Sanders??

Businesses don't have to pay their worker's healthcare.

And then people leave their shitty jobs because they're not dependent on it for healthcare, and are free to seek better jobs.

Corporate interests are definitely on the side of private healthcare.

Trump's their perfect candidate