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Lmao, Steven Anderson is great

Except for the whole "interracial marriage isn't wrong" thing...

lol its all about arguing over what is "based" or not. you see the same thing with trump when he says something cool but then it turns out he is actually a ziocon puppet as usual

Sorry condoning this abomination in any way shape or form, especially at his age, with what he knows, is completely unacceptable. Just another good little goy.

Based and Redpilled.

Based Protestant, but still a Protestant.

Yes more infighting!

hand rubbing intensifies

Protestants > Catholics

Protestants built America

Yes more infighting!

hand rubbing intensifies

This ^

Nickers when Roman Catholics neg Christians: "Hehehe epic. Read Aquinas, heretics!"

Nickers when Christians counter graciously: "Dios mio, no infighting, prot! Whatever happened to mere christianity? Let's keep it ecumenical. We're all Americans! We're all equal!"

My only other post talking about Prots I defended them. Perhaps you should find someone else?


Setting a dichotomy between REAL BIBLICAL CHRISITANS and Catholics

Shut up, protestant

>protestants built America

No whites built America.

No whites built America.

Anglo Saxons yes


You'll cringe even harder when you're deported, popeboy.

you're in /r/NickerNation. if you're gonna come here, then learn the language and learn the culture

Someone should set up citizenship tests

It's just a catechism test.

On Jewish money and Africa slavery. Prots brought over Africans cause they can’t do shit themselves, and now we have to worry about 13% and 52% thanks to them. Prots indulged themselves so much on Jewish money, jews were able to become the ruling class of USA, and in proxy, the rest of the western world.

lol irish are subhuman savages. Stfu, Paddy boi.

On Jewish money and Africa slavery

I see we are literally using the same arguments the left does with "whites didn't build America because there were slaves"

Catholics always side with leftists when it comes to issues of immigration and race, but really Christians in general cuck out to global homo in the end

I’m confused, did the Protestant southerners not bring over hoards of slaves? And did Protestants not take Jewish loans that made Jews even richer? Whites surely did build America, but the tactics at which Protestants used to build America left us in ruin. Also you haven’t made an argument against my claims “muh leftist use this” doesn’t counter my claims.

He's not wrong though. This claim can very easily be refuted once you start to dive into the empirical historical data. Here is a pretty good article about it with everything cited and all that.

For the record the whole slaves building america or fueling it's industrial revolution is mostly fictional. This claim can very easily be refuted once you start to dive into the empirical historical data. Here is a pretty good article about it with everything cited and all that.


But I do agree with you and I actually believe the article talks about it that bringing them here in the first place has definitely caused a lot of harm on all sides.

Because no one would be doubting that a small group of white protestants (and Jews) used slaves, but Catholics have no right to say that if it wasn't for Protestants there would be no blacks in America when Catholic New World colonies/nations had a fuck ton of slaves (see Brazil, Haiti, Columbia)

When it comes to slavery and using Jewish money the Catholics are just as guilty but at least the Protestants were able to hold strict racial castes for longer and more importantly build ultimately better nations in general

The vast majority of people did not own slaves and built their own homes, farms, businesses, etc. So the notion that somehow blacks built all of America is laughable.

Now, only problem is that he encourages miscegenation.

Typical. Prots are so hungry for followers they’ll breed any two idiots.

Gays Rock!

I love Gays!

Hey, gays. You rock baby!

This is now a gay friendly subreddit, please upvote to support Milo Yaniooopopilous and other gays.

Anderson is a perfect study in the effect of religion on the human mind. The brain just dissolves after years of disuse and the subject becomes a flailing hysterical ball of pure stupidity and rage.

Bro you just posted cringe right now.

Wrong subreddit buddy

Is this not the one with the delusional chuds?

Imagine being such a weak faggot you make your own swears because the real ones are too mean.


*gets mad enough to respond to a made up swear

U mad bro ? What is this 2008?

Nah dude, everyone whose brain hadn't been added by hysteria and religion had already settled on the correct side of the "gay debate" by then.

Have fun with AIDS.

Thankfully I'm straight so I'm completely immune to aids.

That 0.01% is real big deal unless your slamming hard drugs.


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this is the hardest i've laughed in a long time. that last 3 seconds is amazing.

I love gays just as much as I love bolshevik jews.

Second incarnation of Martin Luther?

Perfectly cut

God bless Steven Anderson


U mad bro ? What is this 2008?