“They just keep saying ‘pee poo pee’ Sir. I’m sorry sir but i don’t know what it means!”

184  2019-07-08 by poopyjimkinz


Defecation and urination is the last bastion of white identify

BLM has vowed to hold it in until white people no longer exist.

Asbestos pee pee pete

It’s code for something naughty.

Where am I? What's the views of this sub? I'm lost on reddit again.

Damn this nigga got so many forehead lines his eyes can’t even open all the way. Nigga fighting to keep his eyes open under all that weight lmfao.


You'd think old fedster here would be able to figure it out with that fivehead going on

99% upvoted. hmmm

poopoopeepee haha

not getting paid to monitor posts like that all day Why live bros?

My man with the 5head over here

Someday, we will see peepeepoopoo in the list of dogwhistles by the ADL or something with some random definition that doesnt make sense.

pee pee= the sound of the trains going to auschwitz

poo poo= sound of hamas rockets hitting israel