"My fellow journalist"

21  2019-09-03 by shoutout_to_burritos


What's the story with this.

Guy in politics, Leif Olson responded to a Facebook comment calling Paul Ryan a jew by saying "the lame stream media doesnt report on it so it must be true, they protect their own"

The lefty journo that tweeted the dms writes a story about this. Olson claims the comment is a joke, satirizing the "alt right" claim of the Facebook comment. Olson gets fired from Trumps department of labor.

Jewish neocon gets up in the lefty journo's dm's for muckraking and busting some Republicans career. I think he also implies that the journalist is antisemitic. Shocking I know.

Im not sure how Olson and the neocon are connected but I'm guessing its through a small middle eastern country that is our closest ally.

Weird that Jewish neocons would defend a guy even accused of antisemitism.

Just a case of right tactic wrong target.