Not a bad plan.

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Honestly though

That bumper sticker is mostly for women.

Alexa, in general who advocates for shitlibism: men or women?

Alexa what amendment ruined the United States

17th and 19th.

Is there a name for this meme? It's probably my favorite of any recent memes.


The brainlet X vs the Chad Yes.

The best memes have no name so KYM can't ruin them.

Duuuhhhh I took sacred vows of dedication til death do us part but I feel bored so I'm breaking my vow it's actually til boredom do us part LOL duhhhhhhhh drips snot out of nose BUHHHHHH

good point why do people even fucking take vows for weddings anymore? "til an emotionally available guy at my workplace do us part"

Two shits with one stone? Yes, please.

Remember if you get divorced your going to Hell probably. That’s the rule you knew it when you took the vow.

Does it apply to both or the one that wanted the divorce?

Just a zoomer here worried about the afterlife.

A consummated, sacramental marriage cannot be dissolved, so civil divorce or unjustified separation are sins against matrimony. Someone who was is in a sacramental marriage, got civilly divorced, then civilly remarried without annulment of the first marriage (which is not divorce), is presumed to be in a perpetual state of mortal sin for adultery and cannot receive the sacraments.


An unconsummated, sacramental marriage (the only kind of sacramental marriage that can be broken) can only be broken by the the Pope himself. Civil divorce and separation are permissible as long as the marriage was annulled (declaration of nullity). Annulment is not a divorce, it is declaration that the sacramental marriage was never was (i.e. not legitimate) because it did not meet the requirements for a proper marriage. Separation and civil divorce is also permissible if given proper approval by your diocese, but you are still considered married to your partner and are not eligible for remarriage. If you are civilly remarried without receiving annulment and consummate said civil marriage with your "new spouse", it is considered adultery because you never stopped being married to your first spouse and never was truly married to your second spouse. You generally cannot receive proper absolution from confession because maintaining your civil union suggests you're not committed or serious about avoiding your past sins (adultery in this case). This leaves you in a perpetual state of mortal sin for as long you maintain said civil union.

If you are someone you know who is Catholic (the same would apply for Orthodox for the most part) who was civilly divorced, then they should seek advice from their diocese on how they may receive a declaration of nullity, this is not guarantee but it is something to seriously. If they are civilly remarried, they should not be receiving the sacraments because they are likely in a state of mortal sin so to do so would be sacrilege (this is grave sin in it of itself). If they the person wants to maintain the civil union without annulment, they should seek advice from the diocese if they are able to confess and receive absolution if they intend to stop of sexually activity between one another.

Hope this helped.


This is a perfect example showing how the left has absolutely no fucking idea what they’re fighting against.

Imagine being such a repulsive mouth breather that the only way you can keep a woman next to you if it's literally illegal for her to leave you. LOL. Go live in Pakistan you dumb cunts.


That’s islamophobic

Yikes I looked at this guys post history and it’s a Gypsy downblock and Ignore. You can’t steal anything here you godless pagan. Why don’t you go read the Bible, God bless.

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That isn't the reason dumbfuck. Marriage should be permanent, not something fleeting like our culture has started treating it.