the gang is all here!

81  2019-09-28 by unchgd


How many are taking time off for Saturday services?

Holy shit nick is actually hanging out with sexlaptop

he better not go lips mode with any eg*rls 😒

He's banging Brittany Venti and we all know it.

I am vomit

I've been camped outside her apartment for months and I didn't see anything

How has the low tide stench not overcome you yet constantly wafting out from her window?

HEY FUCK YOU that's my future wife you're talking about man

My wife? She’s quadroon.

Epic plan bro. I too plan on betabuxing an e-girl camwhore lite after she's gone through several dysfunctional relationships.

bro 😎💪

shut up retard!

No he's not. If he was, we'd know by now.

A thot like Venti would love to expose him. Thot's get power from ruining pure Aryan Chads.

Venti isn’t even that attractive, Ashley st Clair is a better fit as a cutie gf for him but 1. She’s Jewish and 2. She’s a hoe that would pressure him into bangin’

Venti, for all her flaws, hasn't yet been blacked (as far as we know). That puts her leagues above Ashley.

True totally forgot but In the words of Trump : ”look at that face, have you seen her face? “

Yeah, but she touched a black vagina when she was born and that is an instant disqualification.

lesbians are totally based and red pilled wtf are you talking about?

Venti said on her stream a while after the vacation that one night Nick ended up with her in the bed and Nick straight up fucked her in the ass. That’s crazy bro

lmao sexlaptop is there. Hope Nick is patrolling IRL.

Nick is giving me manlet vibes rn



How did Ali frame this meetup... there has to be a pretty good reason to join forces with sexlaptop...

Any nickers in Miami?


bruh 😫😫😂😂😂

Does this Kathy chick have no idea she’s committing career suicide right now? This is rich.

Check out her twitter. There's some guy from the tribe that's not happy about it.

Wow, the Shit~Libs really fucked up that thread. I was really stoked to see so many different people and backgrounds, standing together, smiling and chill enough to even take a picture.

The pussyhat guy should just cut his wrists already.

Asian women and white cock, name a more iconic duo.

I doubt nick will try to start any trouble IRL. They are all still technically colleagues.

Ali Alexander got me permanently suspended from twitter a few months for making a joke about laura loomer



Not even once Nick

Nick can hate sexlaptop and others and still be cordial. I guess I don't hate this as much as some.

Yeah, professionalism is a must on Nick's part. All of them really. Hopefully those being hassled by the shit-libs don't cave to the mob. Fuck those aggots.

Nick is going to go lips mode with Kathy zhu

Steve and nick are the only nickas Ik in this pic (besides the Jew) who the fuck is pajeet? Too many fucking egirls as well I'm bouta purity spiral


Kathy Zhu is about as Conservative as Hasan Piker

Women don't need to be political. A womb is a womb.

Being conservative is a lifestyle just as much as a political ideology

So you aint gunna dispute my point? Aight.

Let me repeat: A womb is a womb.

I upvoted you so I agreed with you. But as long as women have the right to vote, you gotta be careful where you plant your seed

I don't like half these people, but it is pretty interesting that Ashley and Kathy don't mind being seen with Nick and Jacob.

Liberal women and nazi bad boys. What's so suprising about that?

huh, i guess that guy who made several 2-3 hour long commentary vids about owen benjamin is there trying to make a name for himself