Good Idea that’s mine and if you use it I want money

15  2019-09-29 by Lateknighttt

If your going to set up a brief dissent right event don’t tell people where it is until the last minute. Say it’s taking place in so and so city or within so many miles of certain location. Also just give some bullshit reason say it’s a business conference for some mid tier company or wedding reception. You get then you get in the get out Easy peasty. Also leak fake information so our enmies waste time harrassing unrelented business earning them anger and disgust. If think you can just say rent a yacht and announce this like a month before you will just get shut down and then your scrambling. You have to make people react to you instead of the other way around. By reading this information you now owe me money one hundred I’m a reasonable man cash or credit will do I want euros though so make that happen.


How am I supposed to donate to the Lateknighttt one-man think tank when you didn't even leave a bitcoin wallet address

Public protests have been proven to be a bad idea. You can't control what bad optics people show up, your at risk of getting doxxed and put in prison for defending yourself when the police fail to separate protestors.

Much better to do coordinated flash demo's. (see Patriot Front and GI.

Meet ups with real live people are necessary that’s what I’m talking about though it can also be applied to protest. Your right at this point protest are a net negative to be avoided.

Two tickets for the yacht, please.