When roasties think they're insulting you

119  2019-10-01 by hoesaremad


It’s amazing when conservatives try to use that argument to try and fuck with nick. They totally reveal their hands as degenerate leftists. And it’s weird to be interested in the sex life of a 20 year old kid you watch on YouTube.

21 year old MAN

Conservatives: Yeah family values! Tradition! Liberals suck!

Also conservatives: Wait you're 20 years old and unmarried and haven't pumped and dumped a thot yet? Wheeeze.

I know conservatives saying that probably still fucks with him a little bit. Bringing up someone’s sex life in a debate is super Jewish.

FWIW though I regret losing my virginity before marriage. I spent junior year of HS to sophomore year in college sleeping around with e girls. I was somewhat redpilled. But not like I have been post 2018. It’s important to have the confidence to know that you’re attractive enough to get a girl and have sex with her. People should get GFs to stay sane.

But actually fucking becomes sort of embarrassing once you’re into the traditionalist/fashy scene. I feel like I will never truly understand self control now, but It still sucks because you know what you’re missing out on. But I haven’t slept with anyone since 2018. It feels better to know that you’re not caught up in the nihilistic rat race of getting pussy from dumb zoomer whores.

I love this meme

In this degenerate world, the only winning move is not to play.

Suicide gang


Bro are you the epic haxxor known as fourchan? Pls don't hack us pls


Virgin or married, both things the left cannot stand.

I lost my chance at wizardry.

tfw ywn experience a lifetime of commitment to the first and only person with whom you had a sexual experience because you ignored your conscience and banged out a bunch of slags in your degenerate 20s.

Just be celibate for at least 18 months. NoPorn, NoSex and NoFap.

You will reset your sexual dysfunction.

It won't help your wife's feelings though.

> implying that she won't have a sexual history of her own.

That's optimistic.

Don't marry anyone with a sexual history and don't marry if you had a sexual history.

Bold statement. Sounds great, but that's not the world we live in anymore unfortunately.

I would say presently we can't do that because we'll run out of people to make white babies. But the next generation needs to do it.

I was banging tinder girls this summer and being kinda degen but I have a steady gf now


It's fucking obvious Nick is volcel - good-looking, financially-well, big-brain and witty. he could easily get puss and he knows it

Absolutely based.