Congratulations on the marriage Nick !!!

303  2019-10-09 by Lateknighttt


C'mon guys, she's different. A real conservative girl with good values. She single handedly handled tough questions from CNN anchors. She can be professional, but also have this interaction with her fans at the same time, she's really got it all. Give her a chance like I did and you'll realize she's just as cool as one of the guys! Plus, we could use a really smart female on our side!


you might think she's just a hot little package, but she's educated. she's got an associates degree


Haha what is nick marrying a gook? How conservative boomer can you get?

Where did this all come from 😂 I keep seeing people bring up marriage

Worst timeline.

He broke up with prime qt Lauren Rose for a gook? What the frick

Before you go crying on Twitter or your show about you're being bullied NICK remember this is a JOKE. I’m really rooting for you big guy





Big announcement

Kathy Zhu is pregnant!

It was only a matter of time before we noticed the baby bump growing in her forehead

Uh oh...

Dread it, run from it, yellow fever infects all.

Yellow fever is actually just White fever in disguise.

Yellow fever is actually just White fever when you have an infected prostate that causes a fistula frm your bladder to your cock

dude she's based and red pilled, trust the plan

Nick DMs e-girls? Trust the plan. Nick goes on vacation with a big tiddy mutt e-girl? Trust the plan. Nick goes to griftcon and makes friends with a yellow e-girl? Trust the plan. Nick is flirting with said e-girl in DMs? Trust the plan. Nick goes on a joke date with said e-girl? Trust the plan. Nick marries this e-girl as a meme? Trust the plan. Nick has his first hapa child? Trust the plan.



My kids? Yeah they’re little Elliot Rodgers

The announcement will be that he hooked up Kathy and shooter

Bruh that would be epic

Mestizos are the cosmic race after all.

sucky sucky five dorrah

me ruv you rong time




japan man are detect

ak47 are safety off

white people need to have more kids or we're fucked


women are retarded and shouldn't have the right to vote


you can only fuck white women with an incredibly specific set of big brained high IQ beliefs that I picked up from my obscure internet show



I can tell you are a roastie. I can smell the roast beef from here!

Roasties getting toasty

Hoes mad

you can only fuck white women with an incredibly specific set of big brained high IQ beliefs

... no, dude. Femoids don't believe in anything. Or rather, they believe whatever they need to to impress the people they want validation from. The thing is to be that person they need validation from.

If this is the announcement I’m done. Try practicing what you preach, Nicka.

This. Guy refused to work with Ryan Faulk of all people for being gay

Fucking seriously?

What an absolute goober


A bunch of mongoloids in the comments who only read headlines smh

Everyone should vote and have equal rights.


Sorry if this is a dumb question but is this real?

You know if it’s this easy to fool you people are going to take your money and dignity take that from a friend.

I don't really watch his show so I'm not really up to date with the latest news. I joined this sub because I liked the memes. Anyway thanks for explaining