What will they ban next, cars?

309  2019-10-16 by hero19


But I thought women can have a penis too?

Is this satire? If not, I’m gonna piss in the sink if I ever go to Portland

Just shit in the street like everyone else does, the bathroom is where you go to shoot up heroin and maybe sexually assault a child


The bathroom is also where you juul and coom

*Laughs in Andrew Yang*

I live in Vancouver WA a city that borders Portland what a nightmare, universities and college here are terrible

If they try hard enough they can use them

Mandatory orangutan piss hanging style


Um, is Portland bigoted or something? Women have penises in the current year smdh.

This is actually an amazing counterpoint within their broken schema

I can't believe that these bigots would rather destroy the environment with full flush toilets than just accept that women have penises

The thing is, they don't care about these types of contradictions. Only conservatives like pointing them out. It's just another form of "democrats are the real racists"

Pointing out the contradictions may not change a lot of minds but it does change the minds of people who still see reason so it's still useful.

I guess, but when Republicans point out how democrats are the real racist they implement policies for none-whites which directly hurts us. And in this case I can see some republican do something for trans people just to show how not transphobic he is.

Unrelated but 343 can't suck as much as current year bungie

Catch me pissing with the door open

You WILL sit to pee, bigot.

I'd just pee on the side of the stall. Enough people do it and they'll change the law back.

unzips. "Revolt against the modern world"

I liked doing that in the gender neutral bathrooms at my HS.

Won't work, they'll just assume it was a woman who sprayed piss all over the stall. It's how they all use most public restrooms. They don't want to sit on the seat that previous women bled, shit and pissed on so they just hover their ass over the toilet and spray their own addition.

Pissing-Gamer Nationalism

One time we went to the donut shop when I was a kid, and I decided to piss all over the T.P. in a single stall restroom. Well it just happened to be a time when my brother really had to go take a dump. He just had to wait until we got home.


Well imma just piss all over the ring.

How could somebody in their right mind call this an arbitrary barrier? It’s a by-product of basic human physiology. There is no standard or rule left that these nutcases will not try to undermine and eventually abolish, to eventually be replaced with their supposedly more palatable alternative. All in the name of what? 8-12 months ago I could’ve bought the “it’s just virtue signaling” line, but things have gotten way too out of hand to believe that any more. Disorder, chaos, and discontentment for the world seem to be the only goals these people have in mind, and at this point it’s ridiculous to consider them anything but enemies. The meme about “they want you dead...etc” isn’t just a meme anymore. Not sure why this post triggered me so hard but goddamn, something’s gotta give.

You assume they're in their right mind? Big mistake buddy.

I can't tell if this is real.

It’s very misleading. This decision extends only to the Portland Building, following its recent renovation. No other public buildings in Portland are affected by this.

I’m amazed people are taking this terrible headline seriously.

Sloopery slip

Still pretty stupid. Chief Admin said that by removing urinals he is being MORE inclusive somehow. This is a step backward


We live in a bathroom

The Kurds do everything Portland does their own communities!

Unironically pissing all over the seat to own the libs

Saving water in men's rooms must not be very important to the city council of Portland.

I'm fine with banning cars.

Is Portland unique in that all its men's washrooms only have urinals and no toilets?

I don't get it. Did they ban them because they don't want to pay for them? Women in men's restrooms? I don't get it

Urinate all over the seat

Idk, maybe they ban math or voting since they seemingly can't do that right either.