In major blow to China, Uighur given reddit gold

302  2019-10-24 by HWchaz


Virgin redditor: haha take that China, we're giving meaningless awards to your minorities

Chad Xi: If you stand in our way we'll grind your fucking bones into powder

Boner pill powder no less

"You violate human rights??"


Wow the EU gave a prize to a muslim? Wow no way, this has never happened before!

Weird 2head, 5iq comment. Bosnians and Albanians are crackers that follow Islam, with Islam also being the second largest religion. In all honestly, you'd be put in the off brand ethnostate for dipshit mayokin were natural eugenics reign supreme like Antarctica (I state this as an aryan German).

Baiou women make 'human rights' piece of paper with feeling!

Paper weak! Paper rip!

CPC make high technology tank with differential equation!

Tank strong! Tank no rip!

thank you my friend are study differential equation laplace transform. I am not allow EU perversion

Thanks for the activist award, kind stranger!

Wow this must of really hurt China's feelings. Normies are retarded.

oh nooooo!!! the "grobal community" wir hate us!! We were seen as utter paragon who care sooo much about our image since we sraughtered ar of those peaceful tibetan monk, kidnap Panchen Rama, shoot student and musrim concentration camp. surery this wir ruin great China!

musrim concentration camp.

this part was actually based and MSG pilled

Yeah fuckin got em

Imagine receiving the IRL equivalent of Reddit gold

They are litruhlly your flair, fren.

Xi Jinping: deletes uighurs

The men are being jailed and the women are being married to Chinese men.

Absolutely based and epic.

And nothing of value was lost

People acting as if China don't give a shit literally have not been paying attention the past couple of weeks.

Yellow man bad

Edit: Thanks so much for the gold honey!


"So what you're saying is your political ideology is just opposite of what the current reddit circlejerk is???"




More like pee-gur lmao

It’s actually spelt uyghur

But pronounced 'wigger'?

“Weeger” I think