Holy shit! America's Got Talent just featured the world's most insane dancers.

318  2019-10-25 by USSLibertysRevenge


Impact font in current year 🤢

Shut up at go back to using gay papyrus, Impact Nationalism.

that's part of the disguise

shut the fuck up bitch

He got a point doe

Not using comic sans in current year 🤢

DAE le comic sans sucks?? xD

die normie

Israeli art students are the best! They just come in and try to infiltrate every government facility in the US for a year or so before 9/11.

Was kind of a weird coincidence that makes them look bad.

Nascar drivers have some of the highest IQs in the world!


Google race and iq to learn more.

kirk would have a complete meltdown if this was brought up