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210  2019-10-25 by WitnessingTehWai


Blood and soil for me but not for thee

Even worse. He's a self hating white guy

He is a sellout and traitor.

I can NEVER tell if his face is photoshopped or not anymore lmao

Stare at the centre of his forehead. It appears to grow or morph

Damn that’s trippy.

more jewish tricks

Richard Spencer's head is 2 feet tall.

Damn Trudeau looks like shit these days

> write down all of those "timeless ideas", print them out

> send copies to all of the shithole countries

> no more need to let shitholers into the US, because their shithole is now America

"Civic nationalism" is handing out free pocket constitutions to every wave of millions of illegals

Man i hate this cunt

I have no problem with Israel in the Biblical sense - the people of Israel. International jewry and modern Israel seem to be an entirely separate thing. Maybe Khazars?

“Israel” is God’s church and Jews and their modern state are the synagogue of Satan.

Yeah in the Bible isn't the jews Homeland reffered to as Judea?

And when they say Israel they mean like Western Europe or America or wherever the free normal people reside.?

Many Jews converted to Christianity at the time of Jesus. The ones that were left were (are) the Synagogue of Satan

Yes, they are Khazars. The fact that they so virulently reject it should be an indication that it's true.

Every thing else they reject in this way is also true, as it turns out.

I thought he said this more recently?

Reminder that Charlie Kirk is going to burn in hell for an eternity, and that Judeo-Christianity is a false god.

Honestly hate this guy even more than Hillary.

Enemies >>>>>>> Traitors

Why did you edit his face to make it bigger?

Holy shit, I'd never seen a headshot of this man. No wonder there are all those memes about him having a tiny face, it looks like it was a sticker put on as an afterthought.

What's his problem?

The rabbis got his foreskin which allows them power over him

He disgusts me more than Jeff Epstein.

I guess he should be fine if Israel goes away since its just an idea as well.

“Hey Charlie, I just wanted to first off say that the people who say your face is too small for your head are wrong and I don’t believe that...

Our ancestors fought and died for the people of this country and all we get are some lame "ideas". Ideas that will vanish within a generation of mass immigration.

Guess which ideas he's even talking about? "Diversity is our strength"?

"That's israel" right after "that's america". You think you're clever dont ya charlie?

Why don't we just pull the fuck out of the middle east and use our carbon recycled tech like any sane cunt would!!!

These retards are like how liberals are with black people



His face looks so weird now, he doesn't look real

I used to think Charlie never even knew I existed. But he does. And people, are starting to notice

Bad as it gets