Holy FUCK fellow redditors, Tr*mp just authorized the decommissioning of the USA's largest aircraft carrier on orders from PUTIN! Google the 'USS Liberty' NOW and spread the word for the #Resistance.

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Aircraft carriers are pretty good ships tbh ngl

I love the look of modern naval vessels. Absolutely beautiful projections of power. Google the Great White Fleet.

Great White Fleet

I expected something different.

Google is compromised, use duckduckgo

They are what led to the extinction of the battleship.

We must secure the existence of our battleships

They suck to be aboard though


Both of those two idiots are trying to get you to look up conspiracy theories surrounding Israeli actions in the Middle East that have been debunked time and time again.

.>redditor for 2 minutes when this was posted

AHS check

Charlie Kirk are you really here when you have more questions to answer?

I already knew of them



Somebody said no = debunked

/u/FidesEstAureum2 /u/undergraduatestudent

The USS Liberty and the Lavon Affair have nothing to do with this. These are fucking irrelevant red herrings designed to get people to look up supposed Israeli cover ups in order to get you to read antisemitic nonsense.

The USS Liberty was a friendly fire incident with no discernible motive for a false flag attack. The US was already on Israel's side and it was after Israel was on the verge of winning. Why would it risk that?

The Lavon Affair was basically Israel acting on behalf of Great Britain to convince the Egyptians to not order the withdrawal of British troops. Sure it was scheming as fuck, but it wasn't illogical. GB has a far greater incentive to do this than Israel, whereas Israel risked an outright invasion if this was revealed.

Such frantic shilling. Why so serious???

Okay, Char-lay.

Do you actually want to refute the argument?


Who wants to argue with a liar?

post this in a sub where it might actually work and then x-post it here

I did in r/TuckerCarlson


Wdym? He hasn't decommissionised anything

lol nick Fuentes is literally cringing at u rn bro

I’m gonna need you to decommission your comment, sir.

Ebin troll post 😎

We were planning to build a new generation of carrier to replace the older ones but after Putin claiming he's cutting off oil or something it stopped being built but were still retiring the older ones?? I don't know.

google the "USS Liberty" its really fucked up even for trump

The new generation of ships aren't being cancelled.

The USS liberty is a completely different thing.

Dude im PRETTY sure im right. Look at the 'Lavon Affair' and see how Trump cancelled military works in favor of helping the russian Lavon ship building co. Its really fucked im telling you

Haven’t you heard about the whole ordeal? It’s being called the Lavon affair, look it up

Do you wear a padded helmet?

Nibba google USS Liberty

Nibba I know about USS liberty but when did trump cancel the next gen ships?

Autism speaks

I'm feeling second hand cringe rn for this. It's okay, buddy. We all look silly sometimes.