how modern day mexico was created (cred:YangGangHotep)

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Oof this is an unlucky shot big guy

It’s obviously intentional

The biggest threat to the white race isn't Jews, it's the lustful colonizer inside everyone one of us.

Big facts.

No it's actually the pathological altruism which can be observed almost anywhere whites are talking about any issue.

big tiddies ugly af face


La Demonia de la Americana

Lord forgive me for what I'm about to do

The lord may forgive you, but we will not.

While the rest of us are starving out here, trying to resist temptation for the greater good, you think you can just go out there and enjoy latina pussy without consequence? Nah bro, we'll remember you. I've already added your name to the list.



What are you damning about. I'm absolutely correct.

You know how easy it would be for white men to just give up on white women (who many would argue have betrayed us) and seek out Asian/Latino women? Those women have a huge hard-on for us, they would readily welcome us. The same cannot be said for white women.

If we, white men, are going to avoid the path of least resistance and fight for what's good and right, why should everyone who took the easy way out reap the benefits of our struggle? Oh so you took the easy way out, you let the rest of us sacrifice for you, and now you want a slice of the pie? Nah... You chose your path, deal with the consequences.

Actually the same can be said about white women. They too are the most desirable females.

They certainly are over represented in e thotery

Big agree

You are unfortunately right on.

Spitting straight facts. People need a wake-up call around here.



I find it funny how Nick talks about marrying a white European Catholic girl yet always orbits non-white women.

They orbit him, he just has to be nice

Most white men don't know just how bad the ethnic temptress craves their seed. She seeks a genetic upgrade, at your expense of course. DO NOT FALL FOR IT BROTHERS!

Mestizo time

His genetics were going in the right trajectory too :/

Shut up bitch, Nick will never mix specie.

Lay off the sugar buddy, you’re sounding a little kooky

I saw this on Twitter, thief

Half the content on this sub comes from twitter, retard.

I know, most of reddit is composed of screenshots of other websites where functional people amass.