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HOLY SHIT LOL that delivery was on point

Most groypers

Surprised at the limelight, speak a little too quickly

Many lessons here

Public speaking makes people antsy, especially if you're not used to public speaking.

I find that exactly one shot is the perfect amount of alcohol to calm the nerves and keep you steady for about 2ish hours

Vodka? Whiskey?


The Virgin pretending to be a frog vs the Chad actually becoming one

It's all 80 proof mostly so it doesn't really matter, so just whatever you like.


What a king

Big dick energy

Fucking hell lmao

Absolute groyper victory tonight lads.

I want to knight him

is he wearing a normal maga hat


that's what i was wondering

He also had a "I <3 ISR" pin

i don't know that one

first thing I saw

what is it

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance.

o damn

Hopefully his life isn't ruined and he has a source of income independent of Jews. Otherwise he is fucked because Jews don't allow semantic games because they know they are lying.

Be careful kids. I know your mad. But they are really fucking evil. You are not special. Be smart. Don't be a "hero".

Ideological heros are exactly what we need

Fucking based, that was the slickest delivery possible. Very optical

I haven't felt this good since election night 2016, this is fantastic for us.


Tired after a long day of winning

God I miss hormel

He never got to block me ;-;


Very white pilling stuff, couldn't be happier.

2020 is going to be so much fun.

I believe this is a sign the games have begun 😁

I'm getting 2016 vibes from this.

What a time to be alive 🙃

Fantastic job everyone. Tonight was a massive win and my optimism has been restored.

You just wait, cowboy.

That was fantastic









People are googling dancing israelis

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4. September 11 attacks - Topic

They can't cover up everything.

The algorithm! It’s self-aware?

Oof, check out the past day!!

Also, looks like there was a mid-month spike from something. I wonder what that was.

9/11 spike

Lol, nice.

i was typing "dancing israe...." and it auto filled with "dancing israeli charlie kirk"

Most whitepilling night in a while.Can't wait to watch Crenshaw get reamed on the 8th. Where my Arizona Nickers at?

Right here. We're coming you one eyed piece of shit

Best content of 2019.

Watching the DLIVE stream rn this is incredible.

Nicks reactions are amazing, everything is so high energy. Was such a clear victory for the groypers and everyone can see that, Patrick Casey absolutely OWNED Kirk, pulled Kirk into his frame and never let him go.

“You’re getting defensive”

“I’ve already told you that 3 times”

What a fucking beatdown.

Nick signing off with Follow God and a little Roman salute was incredible too.

This is like a movie but it's very lifelike.

Unprecedented levels of kino, meme magic is back on the menu, feels like we have already won because the ziocucks will never EVER match the energy and positivity of just this one night. And it will only get better from here. Feeling good about the future boys.

I wonder how many more of our boys were lined up behind where it got cut off.

Bottle on its side, facing left like the drawing.

Women in blue standing to the left of the groyper line.

Yeah, I'm thinking meme magic is back.

There's also the groyper in the front of the line with the rosary.

Water bottle knocked over - he's unhinged!

I’m sad didn’t catch him aggressively stuttering and ticking over a word. I forget when it happened but we tapped into his Aspergers for that moment at least.

Groypers are on the move

All but two question askers were from groypers.

The girl who asked a question after Casey was not only a TPUSA organizer, but she was planted there in line to specifically be the last question. Likely would have been another groyper.

What a boring question too lol

Both letftist questions were insufferably long and rambling.

This is REAL Socialism, and Charlie is having a hard time debating people on our side. He calls our people trolls so he can avoid debating us.

U guys did amazing. Very good optics all around. Hail King Casey 👑

best night yet

Great win today

Does anyone know if Patrick Casey brought AIM guys to ask questions, or if it was just him? I hope he didn't, because the whole point was that it's organic. If it isn't, then people will just dismiss it as alt right infiltration. If it's mostly students there, then it's something they can't ignore and that will continue after this event.

Last night was huge for us and it's exciting to know there's many more to come. Unless of course they start not doing the Q&A portion, which would also favor us because it would prove our point that they aren't serious about free speech at all and that they can't handle actual conservatives.

Thank you groypers, very cool!

Groypers is the voice of reason and what we have left to save conservative values and true American ideals? God save us. So let me get this straight, inspite of them handling that ass.

These papists, willing servants of the holy see in which the ranks of the cloth all the way up to the popes are closet homosexuals, pedophiles and sex traffickers not to mention their homage to the traditions of the pseudo-Christian church of Rome as they would hand over their individual sovereignty of the citizenry in exchange of her temporal power aka union of church and state. Because we know that is what papists are salivating for via their ecumenical wool over their wolfish nature.

The hatred for zionism is shared but make no mistake, Catholics ar not Christian and would rather have their freedoms and principals defined by perverted drunk men of the cloth that serve their own devilish traditions over that of the principles of the bible where freedom has been wrought out of. The forefathers knew this and understood this, that if papists were to gain a majority, which it appears they have, sadly; they will hand over our government over to waiting hands of the papacy and repeat what was once admonished of, hence the creation of this nation under Protestantism.


Papists cannot coexist as much as anal punchers and commies don't in an American free society. Don't be fooled Fools.