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Nick is absolutely on fire this week. I’m glad he went off on a little bit of a tangent about Israel, merely implanting the seed with his charisma is enough to get people to engage with these ideas & try out the show.


it was streaming on about an hour ago, there will probably be uploads of the interview on bitchute within the next day

"and then, suddenly, their love for America becomes love for ... another country."


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there will probably be uploads of the interview on bitchute within the next day

Damn hes huge

I had no idea


wide face PJW lookin' ass

Whenever Nick mentioned Israel you could see how uncomfortable Alex was.

Realized just how far to the right I’ve moved since Jones got taken off YouTube.

He’s one of these “hit the pause button at 2007” kind of guys. He does great work but fundamentally misunderstands that this ‘live and let live’ libertarian social philosophy is exactly why kids are being flashed by crossdressers to begin with.

And man did he sweat when Nick started going off about Zionism. “That’s not why I brought you on the show”, okay bud.

It’s funny because he wants Nick to explain why he thinks he was banned and censored by Charlie and the answer is largely because Nick challenges his Israel over America agenda. We all know who Charlie’s donors are and the main reason he spouts these beliefs, so Alex is trying to shut down Nick when he started talking about Israel even though it’s essential in understanding why Nick was barred. Still respect Alex for having Nick on, but the guy is not as fearless as he wants to appear.

He's the original online gatekeeper/grifter.

He's not on our side and never was.

I hate that you're right, I love me some Alex Jones from an entertainment perspective, but anytime he talks about Israel it makes me wanna scream.

And just giving a bad name to “conspiracy theorists” in general with his “interdimensional vampires” kind of shit. He’s so right about other things but he still turns off “normie” because (as we heard from nick last night re: 9/11) they’re not ready to swallow the harder pills like Satanic child abuse or other notable false flags. He’s a gatekeeper of a different sort, but he still provides the same barriers that Kirk and Conservative Inc. do to growing our movement.

Exactly right, like his times where he's the guest on Joe Rogan's show. He is based and redpilled on a lot of things but he came across as someone who is just bullshitting about everything. Which may have been what Rogan wanted, I'm not even sure anymore who's controlled and who's not.

And that's why he sucks. If you ignore Spencer you should ignore Jones.

Same reason applies to both. They make "mistakes" in the MSM.

I disagree. If you listen to his show, he has a lot of great coverage. He's very effective in the culture war... But with Jones, you simply have to be cognizant of the areas he won't cover... That doesn't really detract from the good content that he does put out.

I believe him that the elites think the clockwork elves exist, but I have no idea where to get shrooms/DMT to check for myself. Other than just being complete animals, it's the only explanation for the Mayans and their sacrifices, and it explains a lot about why the corrupt elites act the way they do.

Dmt would really make you think they're real if you took enough. Not for everyone that's for fucking sure

DMT is definitely not a tool you use to get a better grasp on what is and is not real.

Jones always avoids the J-Q with a 10 foot pole... Many people theorize that he's a Mossad agent, but I just think he's cognizant of wanting to stay on all his radio stations. He's on a couple hundred of different stations across North America, so is sort of a mainstream program

Em, is it not obvious Alex is a shill? I mean, it's good that Nick got on the show to speak up, but info wars is a clear gatekeeper at this point.

Adam Green does good coverage on Alex. It's a shame, honestly.

I always got the impression that the Alex/Adam beef was more theater, but I didn't pay attention to that stuff. If they really wanted to they could have just blackballed him though.

If you got that impression, you haven't watched any of Adam's work. He absolutely exposes Alex and his zionist agenda. Check out his playlist if you want. If you don't want to spend too much time on the matter, at least watch Adam debate Owen Shroyer.

It's sad because I used to listen to infowars back in the day, I'm very much still into "conspiracies". Adam documents Alex's journey over the years very well. You can tell Alex wasn't compromised in the beginning. William Cooper even called Alex controlled opposition, before he was killed.

He is simply a Judas goat.

Still great exposure

Almost life sized!

I agree this is an accurate estimation of each ones political importance in the current struggle.



Nick is the NUMBER ONE CREATOR on the rise on Dlive's front page (for the last 24 hours):

Almost 60k bb.

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