Greatest ally moment

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also sell top secret info to china multiple times

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Let me guess, a Gorka quote where he is trying to sound smart?

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I'm assuming it's a bot, but in any case, it's a reference to Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, in which there's an immortal alien with that name whose goal is to personally insult everyone in the universe

They also

*Bombed and destroyed the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War, which was against American interests.

*Sold hundreds of millions of dollars (probably billions with inflation) in weapons to Iran in outright violations with agreements with the American government. At least one agreement was made with the highest levels of both governments. These weapons aided Iran significantly in the war, and the U.S. was leaning towards wanting Iraq to win the war (or at least be more powerful) I'm pretty sure. At least some of this was run by undercover Israeli agents out of fake companies in New York City.

*Mark Rich later secretly sold oil to Iran through a covert pipeline as Iran was struggling to get oil with the sanctions against them. Rich also allegedly was instrumental in the weapons trading, but I don't think this was confirmed. He was on the FBI's most wanted list for U.S. tax evasion, but Clinton pardoned him with requests for the pardon coming from 2 former Mossad heads. Rich held multiple citizenships, possibly 5 (including Israeli, American, and Spanish) as he held passports for 5 different countries.

Oy vey

Also grant dual citizenship to over half our congress and representatives. Guess how many Israeli parliament have dual citizenship? Zero.

Somethings gotta be done with this conflict of interest.

Yo wtf so antiseptic

10x better than "counter semitic"


Extortion time 🇮🇱

Dont forget the king David hotel terror attack they committed. Always remind Zionists they're terrorists.

If you look at their history the two words are basically synonymous

Is it true there’s clips of the Israeli pilots questioning their orders and still being ordered to attack

Big if true

I want to see this

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That’s a jewish newspaper too, isn’t it? Like not hiddenly Jewish like NYT, it’s a straight up Israeli publication isn’t it?

From what I understand yeah

Pretty sure a pilot landed because he didn’t want to bomb the ship and was arrested for it. Don’t quote me though

almost like they have agents in every facet of our institutions

I'm a gay black Iraq veteran. You need to delete this hate right now. I'm a conservative

I'm actually a centrist. But also, don't you want a centrist in your conservative movement?

Please do not peddle conspiracy theories in this place about our Greatest Ally. As conservatives we find your rhetoric hateful and anti-Semitic.

Signed, TPUSA

I don't like em, but you gotta respect the chutzpah.