When someone asks me about my political views.

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It’s amazing how truly fitting this is. I have to avoid politics completely with my entire cringe normie family. Repubs or Dems doesn’t matter they’re cringe.

Thank God i have a based mom other than that my family is all Warren supporters

Have you heard about Regis “Andrew Wang” guy? He’s gonna give us all $1,000 a month!!!!


Andrew Wang Lin?

From DailyWire.name

Government mandated NEET-bucks

Imagine if we got a government mandated gf tho...

I'm in who do I have to vote for


like i said I've said before, as a government job, they'd fill the position with what they fill all governmental positions with; angry fat black women

Yep, cause they’re stubborn, cheap, and low IQ.

We will lobby for a policy that imports in eastern european gfs from low income households, and we do all this by generously compensating their fathers with tax money that we will extract from the boomers.

Redistribution, done the right way.

with tax money that we will extract from the boomers.

With the $3.8B that we would have sent to Israel.


Shouldnt need a government issued gf then, big guy

What about everyone else though? I am not an uncaring asshole.

Hello, early 2019 department?

I more or less redpilled my dad on demographics. Living in a majority minority city made that pretty easy though.

Fuck that. I'm very open about my politics. They're my family, they're stuck with me, lol.

There were people who disowned and doxxed their own kids who were at UtR bro

They are shit people. Who would do such a thing and you still want to call them your family?


Yeah, I will call out egalitarianism every chance I get, especially with family.

The same kind that castrate their own children for clout

Even the parents of kids who were killed by immigrants scream, "But the FOOOOD!!!"


family>politics always and forever, I wouldn't disown my kids if they turn out to be cringe either

What about if they came out as gay or transgender?

They’re family

Producing no more family.

Still family

Maybe I’m alone in this community, but my objection to an isolated incident of transgenderism of homosexuality is out of concern for the well being of that person. Of course, we all see how people have been manipulated towards these things and that this behavior can spread like a virus. However, if my child was “transgender”, it would be my job to help them escape from their “demons”.

Same with me and my family

So much “but they’re our greatest ally”

My dad was redpilled before I was lol. He has a 3k+ follower anonymous Twitter account and watched NF before I did.

He came to these ideas through demographics, I came through learning about Israel and foreign wars. Then our views converged on both of these issues.

Kinda based. Makes me feel good to be on his side.

Sounds like a Father's day that will actually matter in 2020.

What do you guys say when people ask you what your political views are? I've been having trouble with this. Gotta be optical.

Just say you aren't interested in politics. And if they are open to being redpilled just drop some every now and again in daily conversation if they are smart they'll pick up on things.


“PaleoCon with certain libertarian instincts on economics”. It’s optical, true, and is a good way to see who actually understands what that really means.

"I would say I'm a bit of a dissident."

all I HAVE are dissident thoughts...

That's why I like it, you can call yourself a dissident which could mean anything but you're being truthful.

You're Hitler!

After insulting me for 4 years its too late to start playing compliments now

Fiscally conservative and socially liberal

*fiscally liberal and socially conservative

*fiscally left and socially right

i was gonna say did you get that one backwards


U for real dude??



Catholic Socialist


Say you’re like GK Chesterton. Christian, Distributist, and nationalist.


i usually either reply with this, "paleoconservative," or "authoritarian," these three are really the only labels that are both honest and optical imo

Yeah, I'll also say things like "right-wing populist" or "social conservative", but I really like Nationalist because it has a positive connotation to the people I'm trying to appeal to. The other terms are pretty neutral, matter-of-fact descriptions. Good enough, but no reason not to establish yourself on the highest ground possible from the get-go

Authoritarian isn’t a very optical label


"Anything anti-system is pretty cool"

An interesting approach would be anti-democracy from the apathetic normie angle. Just say you hate politics and want to get rid of voting and put in something that works.

What do you guys say when people ask you what your political views are?

I'm honest without being shockingly blunt. I'd never lie about what I actually believe, but I usually don't feel the pressure to if people talk to me politically because I know nuance.

Scary labels ('eco-fascist!' 'white nationalist!' 'alt-right!') scare people off. But if you're relaxed about things, you can tell normal people 99% of an alt-right platform and they'll say "Yeah I agree with most of that" many times.

I describe particular points - "I'm against banks, anti-corporate, pro-environment" etc and let them label it what they want. "So you're a socialist?" "Yeah..you could say that".

There's a pic floating around that sums it up.

Im something of a socialist myself😏😏😏

That's the one. Been looking for it for a while.

"aww babe I love Bernie Sanders"

"Wrong kind of socialism"

"I'm far right" or "I'm a traditionalist nationalist".

I’m America First

I keep my mouth shut. Everyone who knows me IRL thinks I'm a libertarian.

I just say epic paleocon

"I don't know, I mean who are some political figures you admire?"

Me: Don't say Ted Kaczynski, don't say Ted Kaczynski, don't say Ted Ka....

The struggle is real.

Isn't it weird how all of these geniuses, who are known for their incomprehensibly advanced pattern recognition, just go "insane" and start talking about ((them)) being an issue? Jeez, what a bunch of loonies, right?? I love Israel.

Whenever Bobby Fischer comes up: "Very sad how geniuses always are just randomly crazy in a few very specific ways for no reason whatsoever!"

He was a based man among based men. One of the smartest men who have ever lived, and completely on the money regarding the eternal Juden.

Bobby fischer was literally the definition of a lunatic. Read up about what he used to do..

And he's far off from being the smartest chess player of all time, if you have any knowledge of chess you'd agree.

When he was 25 years old he wrote his dissertation. "a member of his dissertation committee, said "I would guess that maybe 10 or 12 men in the country understood or appreciated it."".
So only 10 or 12 men in the entire USA can understand what he thinks, and yet he's crazy for his political beliefs?... Right.

Ted didn't talk about the Jews and wasn't Jew aware at all. Technological Slavery is held back in parts due to this unawareness of the JQ where for example he thinks anthropology was spontaneously anti-science due to anarcho-primitivist romanticism, when the real reason was Boas and other Jews intentionally subverted it for the benefit of Jews.

I just tell everybody I'm libertarian. I'm most comfortable with them and it's easy to make actually redpilled arguments from them. Another bonus is that actually based people tend to recognize "tells" pretty quick.

The winks and nods from other based people is my favorite part 😉

At one point I was talking to some dude and his buddy buddy literally brought up the uss Liberty. It felt like I was ascending to another plane.

That hasn’t happened to me yet, but oh my Lord I can only imagine the flutters I’d feel 😊

I see the dude every once and a while. Maybe next time he asks me why my motorcycle isn't fixed yet I'll ask him why israel hasn't paid reparations for the sailors they murdered to cover up their war crimes lmao

What do you ride?

2011 harley wide glide I bought from my boomer friend

I was listening to the Z Man in my car the other day with the windows down. A guy pulled up next to me and shouted "Hey, you're listening to the Z Man! He's awesome!" I gave him the "ok" sign, we both laughed, and he he drove off.

We're not alone, folks. The time is coming to get off the internet and start forming IRL networks and societies.

I’m merely a common sense independent who supports America first.

"I'm something of an environmentalist myself" - Willem DaFoe

Neogaianist perhaps

I feel this with religion too. I’ve converted from atheism to ... something else. Pseudo-Christian? Not sure how to describe it.

I cant make myself believe in god but I truly believe if everyone was catholic, the world would be a better place. Weird spot to be

I agree. I have no nicer way to put it, but I’m “too old”. I think the brain is partially wired for religion and if it’s not fulfilled, something will take its place - even if it’s nihilism.

Hit my views spot on brother

Read Christian philosophy and distance yourself from evolutionist/nihilist crap, that's what did the trick for me. The moment I stopped listening to JF "culturally Catholic nihilist" Gariepy is the moment I started getting closer to God.

How is JF a wignat?

Evolution is obviously true though and is why we see such differences in race. Catholicism and many protestants are are fine with evolution. It's mostly cringe baptists and evangelicals that don't believe in that and take a literal interpretation of genesis.

Evolution is incompatible with both Christianity and science, but ok

If you take the Bible, more specifically Genesis, literally (many denominations including Catholicism don’t) you could argue it is incompatible with Christianity, but how could it possibly be incompatible with science?

Evolution is true and denying its reality is in and of itself denying the reality and splendour of the Lords creation. Don’t need to deny the divine revelation to also accept creations manifestation.

exactly this. I think it's because I was raised atheist

Same unfortunately.

Same here. I was raised Christian and wish I believed still. I had a much more positive outlook back then, of course I wasn't red pilled back then either on anything political so that doesn't help either, but knowing everything would be ok in the end was really nice.


I feel very similarly. I believe in God, but every place of worship I've been to has been tainted in some by the tribe.

yes. I've believed in god since my first memory but churches and organized religions and how they function generally repulse me. everyone involved seems so full of shit

Mega churches is a prime example.

Former agnostic... you never get any logical evidence to believe. Its something you feel. To me, it doesn’t matter if God exists or not, and I don’t care which way is true. Its a choice I’ve made in my heart, not my head, if that makes sense.

Interesting, in my country my brand of Christianity is associated with Russia, Greece, Iraq, Syria etc so I can say I'm orthodox and people will say it's ok because they see it as orientalism.

Libruls lmao

Remember brother, faith is a personal connection between you and God. No one else. Nothing else. It is something intimate and meant to be treasured, not displayed like some gold digging whore on the street. Don’t let the church tell you how to worship. It is your responsibility to figure out how best to commune with God.

Don’t let the church tell you how to worship.

Protestant fascists are always bizarre to me. You think Hierarchy, Order and Tradition is the best way to run society but not God's Church?

That's a nope from me chief. Man's nature is directed towards Order, Authority and Hierarchy, and so it's fitting that God's Church would manifest itself in this way.

God’s church has been corrupted by internal and external elements. There is no order to be had in places ripe with that corruption. Fix it, then speak to the rest of us about bringing people back to the church. I have my faith and it will not waver because that is my connection with God. The church is an institution of man. Those are two very large distinctions. If anything, order is presided over by God himself. I follow his teachings as best as I can and that is what people should be directed to follow. Not the teachings of a corrupt establishment.

I can describe it you want to be Christian but don’t want to actually practice what the bible teaches. You should put your money where your mouth is m.

Eh. Not really my issue. In fact my issue is sort of the opposite.

Comment wasnt meant for the "Pseudo-Christian" and the others saying the want to be Christian but they cant practice what it teaches.

Your comment looks like you have a problem where you need to always be practicing something or you would feel off/uncomfortable.

Basically, the shortest way to put it is I accidentally approached/reached God backwards.

He needs to be treated with the utmost seriousness, but the problem is I came to this conclusion intellectually rather than emotionally/spiritually, so it doesn’t have the depth it deserves. It’s like knowing your loveless marriage will improve if you treat your wife with love, but you don’t love her so can’t remember to do it. But now I sound depressed, when the opposite is true. Life is awesome.

I’d approach from the front but that was my “too old” comment. The Kierkegaardian Leap of Faith gets further and further the older you get. But everyone on the other side of that chasm is happier and more fulfilled. “Should’ve made that jump earlier” I say as I encourage others to jump.

I usually break out in uncontrollable laughter and they ask "Is something funny, asshole?".

"You wouldn't understand."

You have to ask them that after you laugh gets them everytime.

Me except also the meme of the kid sitting at his desk with veins bulging as I listen to my open borders extended family at thanksgiving.

I cut some edits of Nick and sent them to my father and he was like who is this kid he's awesome.

then I sent him another cut and he was like wow what a racist, man it was ebin.

I find Nick is too abrasive to send clips to people, I admit it did take me quite a while to get over his bravado and pricklyness

That's the reason I liked him in the first place lmao

Agreed. It's called resoluteness with no apologies.

The bravado is what got me to listen in the first place

If I send people clips most people think he’s a dick

I guess you could say that I'm a socialist and a nationalist.

Hi a socialist and a nationalist., I'm dad.