From /r/the_donald. Nickers are changing the conversation!

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I think most MAGA people in the real world would be on board with Nick if it weren’t for the fuckin labels

46% of white Americans think a minority majority US would weaken American culture (I made a thread about it, but the fucking mods here never approve posts) according to polls. This is the plurality of the three responses given. Most conservative voters are not neocons, or pro-white displacment cuckolds. They've been battered by 8 decades of shaming for "racism", and any label associated with the word (i.e. any effective conservative movement) just shuts their brain down with fear from the conditioning. The actual ideas people like Nick espouse are what they have always wanted though.

only 46%

notice how women undoubtedly make up the majority of the 54%

Only 33% of Americans wanted independence. 46% said it was bad, like 35% or so said it was good and the last group said they didn’t know.

Independence from??

The United Kingdom

Based and monarchypilled

90% of women are women

Erm I’m a woman, having rapfugees in the country isn’t exactly something we want.

Gtfo cringe femoid, you post on anti-family subs - do you want to be a lonely wine aunt or what?

Hating on women who share our views is retarded. We need all the support we can get.

She posts on anti-natalism, she doesn’t share our views, clown

Maybe she can be converted

White knight gtfo


Can I get a link to this?

Thank you

I made a thread about it last night but the mods didn’t approve it


No doubt

Look at THAT rule on their board and see why theyre so wack

You would be amazed the sorts of things you can get people to agree with if you only describe policies and statistics without putting any scary labels on them.

Friendly reminder that nationalism and socialism are extremely palatable and even more so when combined. Just when you use the actual label do things go sideways in terms of approval.

Gorka is a fat boomer


Maybe r/TheDonald is woke on the BQ after all.

His radio show is fucking impossible to listen too. It's half Zionist propaganda and the rest of it is self promotion of his books and RELIEF FACTOR FROM THE SALEM RELIEF FACTOR STUDIOS.

Plus he ends like every couple episodes with an audio clip of Trump talking about him, cringey as fuck and his voice is annoying.

I bet if you get him drunk he says the gamer word.

I like his voice, its got a James Earl Jones gravitas quality to it

Its ok in small doses, he really is a corny though. He complains about being suppressed on Twitter, them calls for the same action against others.

He claims that when people call conservatives Nazis and fascists they cheapen the word the makes a point to say "the left are the real fascists and Nazis".

Idk why but that comment actually made me lol.

I forgot /r/The_Donald still existed.

Used to go there every day back in 2016. Now I go to see how shit it is once every month or two, same with 4chan /pol/.

It's really sad how far 4/pol/ has fallen the last few years

Honestly I could care less if it did.

Between their "AS LONG AS THEY COME IN LEGALLY" bullshit and tolerance of homosexuality the whole group is a shit show. They're diet conservative and believe in muh greatest ally.

They pretend to give a shit about gun rights while pretending Trump isn't a leftist tier stepper.

I'm grateful for the supreme Court appointments, but Trump is hardly ideal, he's a placeholder at best.

Yes Mr strong black man you can have my wife AND my daughter but you must vote straight ticket R!


they arent that far off tbh, when i post about israel or other non-mainstream conservative topics its still well upvoted, which must in turn wake up some boomers to at least look in to why we give them $4b a year

$4b a year

It makes me insane. Our own vets are coming home to no mental health services but we can send FOUR BILLION dollars to support the merchants. Unbelievable.

hand rubbing intensifies




Really? When I commented about Israel I got banned for "anti-Semitism".

It's hit or miss.




I got permabanned from there lmao


Nick Fuentes will be our first Latinx president in 2036. And he will bring with him into the White House the first First Lady of Han ethnicity.

I was just thinking today, who do we have now after Trump besides Rand Paul(who is weak) and Tucker Carlson?(who I doubt will ever run for president)

Nicks hinted that some of his connections are higher level politicians, so I guess all we can do is TRUST THE PLAN.

Also you forgot about JFK Jr. who’s going to come out swinging in 2024.

He died in 1999.

That’s what they said about 2pac, and he played at Coachella 2013. Checkmate.


We have disgosting gorka don't worry

Josh Hawley is great policywise but sucks at social media. He says he doesn't even do his own tweets

Ron Desantis is good too (yes I know he supports BDS) but he banned sanctuary cities in FL, wants mandatory E-verify & humiliated the coward of Broward Scott Israel


Also Gaetz.

Gorka is a fat boomer.

😂 Fucking sick kunt

Unfortunately, Arcon (/r/conservative) has gone full shill in the other direction.

I haven't bothered to go to T_D since it got quarantined

It's such a pain to go through to get around the quarantine thing; just so I can participate in Sunday gunday

It's such a pain to go through to get around the quarantine thing

you just click on the name of it at the top just like before, and once confirm that you are living a life of hatred and you acknowledge there are links there to help you leave your hate group and in to the yamika of a warm loving jew

probably best not to participate

Yeah it probably is; I'm neither 60 years old or a transvestite conservative

Quarantined subs (besides t_d) are the best on this site most of the time

Also besides r/CTH.

Let's white pill the boomers...

Red pill*

Real conservatives are on board with Nick the Knife 100%. It's the high-jacked Zionist backed group[s that try and subvert and form the ideologies.

It's good that Kirk's being exposed because his target audience is the 16-25 crowd, who might actually end up buying his BS if they didn't know better.

I've been banned from the_donald over a dozen times over the past 18 months, but haven't been banned since the quarantine. Maybe they've changed mods?

Also, I saw people talking about reduced traffic since the quarantine. I'm guessing it's not people like us who are being defeated by a quarantine.

Honest question, is the_donald still active? I literally cannot find it no matter how much I look for it.