Based labcoats?

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Reminder that God is a father not a mother

Blessed comment of the day.

I’m glad the “I met god; she’s black” shirt fad died pretty quickly.

In my experience, with friends, it’s not too hard to tell who’s conservative or liberal based on how strict their father was.


if the woman is wearing the pants in any family, you know shits always gonna be fucked up.

on a larger scale, weak men have ruined the western world. but not anymore

My dad leans socialist but here I fucking am

To be fair the internet raised me and gave me my morals

Replication crisis

The replication crisis (or replicability crisis or reproducibility crisis) is, as of 2019, an ongoing methodological crisis in which it has been found that many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to replicate or reproduce. The replication crisis affects the social and life sciences most severely. The crisis has long-standing roots; the phrase was coined in the early 2010s as part of a growing awareness of the problem. The replication crisis represents an important body of research in the field of metascience.Because the reproducibility of experiments is an essential part of the scientific method, the inability to replicate the studies of others has potentially grave consequences for many fields of science in which significant theories are grounded on unreproducible experimental work.

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Are men just better at absolutely everything ?


does burning the coal require paying the toll


Does pajeet shit in the streets

No. Mothers are needed for the nurturing aspect of parenting, and they excel at that. As men we need to (like the “““study””” states), be more disciplinary. Show our kids how to behave as a man.

but with that said:

on the whole, children in motherless households fare far better in life than children in fatherless households

Well yes, but I’d much rather have my child raised by both parents than just one.

Fatherless households are likely to have a degenerate mom. Motherless households are likely to have an upstanding dad

Single father families produce better results than single mother ones. Men are even better at nurturing children.

Femoidless ethnostate NOW! Only men and catbois will be let in.


Prob cause fatherless households have slutty moms


Say what you will but women perpetuate culture and traditions.

Literally everything.

/r/AFwithNJF: hurr durr can’t be a wignat because of optics

Also /r/AFwithNJF: alienates literally 50% of the population



Optics really fly out the window on the female question

It’s kind of sad, I hope Nick can find a wife, the way he talks it seems he thinks women aren’t Saveable

There once was a certain man of action in the 1930s who women helped vote into power to save their country. And white women today, increasingly ostracized from intersectional feminism, are ripe for an awakening.

Exactly, liberalism may currently have a stranglehold on western women but we can’t simply give up on them.

Yes, I'm very glad that I will finally be settled for after she has had her fun in her 20s and realizes that she finally wants to be a stay at home wife now. But you know what, I'm actually winning her because i get a white wife and white children!

It sucks that casual sex is normalised but you play the hand you’re given, you’ve been blinded by braincels cherry picking the worst women the majority of women are not total whores.

And IIRC most women get married in their 20s

The implications of that last sentence are remarkable dishonest, almost implying that women are getting married in their early-mid twenties. The dishonesty is kinda ironic when contrasted to the sentence prior to that.

The avg age of marriage for US women is 27. You omitted this specific detail because you knew it would not serve your case.

So the average woman gets married in her 20s

I fail to see how that hurts my case considering that’s exactly what I guessed it to be

Women getting married at 27 is not a white pill bro.

It could be better sure but you said women settled down in their thirties im just saying this isn’t true

1) I said 30, not 30s

2) It was clearly an over exaggeration made in jest. It wasn't made to be taken factually.

I didn’t pick up on that sarcasm my bad.

I guess I don’t see how marrying a woman at 27 is worse than not propagating my race

Giving up on them literally isnt an option

Let me give you a serious answer. Under the current system, women are simply not salvageable. Only Chad's can salvage women, but why would a Chad waste his time there when he has good girls in his dating options?

For the average male tho? Absolutely, most women are gutter trash. The only way to salvage them is really through systematic change, but that's not coming anytime soon! So yeah... That's just great...

PS. Chad is not something most men can every be. I want to make it clear that i used the word can, not will. Most men do not have the genetic potential to become Chad. Chad is not something you become, you were either pre-disposed to being one or you weren't.

Women aren’t “trash” any more than the average normie man, they have fallen for media narratives but the majority can be redpilled by a bf.

You don’t have to be a chad dude, maybe for a 8/10 plus sure but if you’re practiced at talking to women and you go 1 point below your looks match then it’s no problem.

Ah yes, the fabled "just red pill your gf meme" again.

I appreciate your optimism. I wish good graces upon all men who attempt this, just realize that you are fighting against huge odds.

How is it a meme or a fable? I can’t think of a relationship I know IRL that the girl doesn’t vote the same as the guy

Only works if you are either Chad or have vetted extremely well, and there's some luck in there for sure.

Otherwise the relationship isn't stable.

And that's why it's a meme. Because I've seen it fail far too many times to take it seriously.

Idk I’m not ugly but I wouldn’t consider myself a chad.

What is a chad to you?

Ah, you think you've reformed a femoid? Please do tell, how long has the relationship been alive.

I got her to start identifying as a white nationalist in just 1 year. I don’t think she was completely passionate about it but Like I say women just aren’t passionate about politics, even big libs like mattress girl got influenced by a groyper chad.

Unfortunately the relationship ended due to me leaving for university but otherwise it was great.

Lmao at that conclusion.

Yeah, what did I say again about these things not being stable?

I said it was stable though?

Oh yeah, a relationship ending because it couldn't go long distance was totally stable. Sure thing bro.

I didn’t want to be alone for 3 years for a relationship that had only been going on for 9 months if my university had been closer it could conceivably have gone on forever.

Now I understand you have a lot more experience with relationships than me but from my perspective it doesn’t seem out of the question

Right yeah sure. Im sure you think those same excuses are valid to break up a marriage.

Dude, listen to yourself. Just admit that the relationship was a short term thing and it was never stable.

Why do you think you have the authority to tell people about women, are you married? Have you got a girlfriend? Have you at least had a girlfriend in the past?

You don’t know anything about me or my ex so when I say we could have gone the distance you can believe or disbelieve I really don’t care

Yeah, I don't know much about the relationship, you are indeed correct. But, and pardon my arrogance, I think i know enough.

Let's rerun the same scenario in our head, but consider it in the context of marriage rather than just merely a "relationship" which you seem not to put a lot of significance on. Let's ask ourselves: Would a marriage be considered stable if it lasted for 9 months and ended because one of the participants went to pursue higher education?

I think the answer is pretty clear. It seems like in your mind, relationships not working out are just part of life, which i would actually agree with. The difference seems to be that I correctly classify these relationships as unstable whereas, for whatever reason, you do not seem to share this classification. I do wonder what exactly your definition of unstable is.

I'm not trying to attack you bro. I'm just pointing out simple observations.

All I am saying is had we been older, had I not needed to go to university to pursue my career then the relationship would continued, the breakup came from outside complications.

The main point being that the redpilling has no adverse effects on the relationship, which was our point of contention in this argument.

The surest way to change a womans mind about something is to be hooking up with her

Yeah that's how you change her mind for 2 years before the honeymoon phase ends and she reverts back to her normal state.

It's so funny to see men think they can make women to submit just via sheer willpower. Well, ok bro, good luck with that. She has more institutional power than you could ever dream of, and the entire mainstream is trying to divert her away from your embrace.

But you think that you are alpha enough to beat those odds? Noble effort, but you will fail.

sheer phallic willpower.

Yes thats it, not the psychological effect of her wanting to please and conform to the person shes banging

Idk what to tell you man, ive lived it, so i can attest to it. If you dont want to believe it, fine

ive lived it

You're using the past tense, which just proves my point.

wtf is the present-perfect

Jesus christ this is rudimentary grammar.

You're not using it correctly then, retard. Check yourself before you check me.

Google past perfect jorge and come back after you take your english entrance exams

You still didn't use it correctly.

Do tell, professor sanchez

Women aren’t “trash” any more than the average normie man, they have fallen for media narratives but the majority can be redpilled by a bf.

But wait, if men and women are equally trash, and women are this way because of the media narrative, then how can they be salvaged by their bfs if their bfs are equally trash?

Yeah a bluepilled woman isn’t going to be redpilled by a bluepilled man, is this a controversial statement?

It's not controversial.

So then I was completely correct with my initial assertion then?

If you think modern women by and large are saveable then you might be retarded.

You cannot save them but you can mold them into anything you want them to be. I was a doing crime in my teenage/20s I met a girl that was in the crime scene knew all the higher up for lack of better words from different gangs I took her as mine we had a crazy relationship fighting cops jail yada yada had a kid now have 3 kids she is a complete right wing house wife. A completely different person as am I. But you can mold women into anything you want them to be but always remember they are still women especially if she is a good looking alpha women if she senses weakness in you they will exploit it. When you see a women thats fucked up for lack of a better term she is taking her social queues from jewish television and movies and doesn't know any better.


Women build relationships and trust. Men build people.

No. You need authoritarian fathers and caring and loving mother's. Women and men are fundamentaly different and serve different purposes in life.

Foids btfo

Welp its authoritarian time

more like n=50

I though n was 13

Kids raised by single dads have better life outcomes than single moms.

Probably in the success metrics we use. But I'd wager they're not necessarily happy as they haven't seen what a good relationship with your family actually looks like.

Haha X is better than Y must be because of the success metrics you used are biased. I bet if you define success as being a homeless addict the story would look different.

That's retarded and you know it. I'm saying if you didn't grow up with both parents you're gonna have a harder time finding happiness. Single fathers might raise sons to be successful in their careers (as opposed to single mothers) but do they start families and live good lives? Or are they just wage slaves living like their fathers? Single parenthood is undesirable.

I agree that single parenthood is undesirable, but the argument of "X isn't actually worse than Y because your metrics are subjective" is BS.

"imma replace your argument with letters cuz me no know how interact with argument."

Cool dude.

blub blub blub I don't get it if there is no example

Analyzing the formula of your argument is a very common thing we do here

Have you never seen a smuggie?

Theodor Adorno BTFO

All the usual redditors in that thread nitpicking the study because they think there arent differences between mother and father lol

The fact that we need labcoats to tell us what has been known for centuries is absolute madness.

It's silly, but whenever cunts ask for "source" "you have a source on that???" We have something to point to which is nice.

Can confirm. Am an authoritarian Dad. Clean your room, guys.

Based. Can't wait to be an authoritarian father 😇😇