America First is RISING! Groyper Wars Week 3 begin TODAY.

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Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo

Images you can hear...

images you can smell



Any streams for the Crenshaw event?

Look up America First with Fuentes channel

I’m wondering this myself.

Does anyone know if it's being streamed or recorded to be uploaded afterwards? I'd assume so but the event description doesn't link to a YouTube channel.

British uniforms? Kinda cringe bro

American world war 1 uniforms

Such a great time- America was so traditional and a beautiful place from the magnificent architecture to the spirit of our people unified for our nation with god. You watch some videos from back then with the music & it’s incredible.

How can you tell them apart from the British ones? To me they look identical.

I'm a fucking history sperg, how do you think I got here on (((them))). also I know the original work this parody is based on

Yeah that's based, hopefully you're historically woke on propaganda against Germany prior during and after WW2 but for real how can you tell the difference between the two?

mostly the backpacks, the rounded doughboy pack is unique compared to the British square pack, the original work is actually world war 2 propaganda but the soldiers are anachronistically depicted as great war soldiers probably due to the artist's and public's familiarity with WWI gear at the time and not all our forces had been upgraded yet

helmets were the same. the American used either french or british helmets depending on who they were near helmets were easy to make in factories near the front so american shipping was saved for men bullets and food

Google doughboys you commie piece of shit

The chad Pickelhaube vs virgin gay bell looking helmet


Fr tho imagine prefering the British/American/French dumb looking helmet instead of the Stahlhelm, not even politically speaking the German ones are way more aesthetic.


Have you tried digging a hole in minecraft and placing sand above you.

Get some taste wehraboos

Where’s the pee pee poo poo $1.99 superchatters?

they’re soaring above in the sky, look up

No matter how big he gets. He will never forget pee pee poo poo

Beautiful to see our angels in the sky for close air support

Truly the leaders of the movement, but they prefer to stay anonymous

Someone might want to ask Crenshaw about anti-BDS legislation in Texas which restricts government workers and contractors from boycotting Israeli businesses and how this likely violates the first amendment.

Would be good to frame it in terms of the South Africa anti-apartheid era, too. As in "Mr. Crenshaw, given how SA had its own BDS era, why is it wrong and illegal for an apartheid state like Israel to escape the same fate?"

First of all, why would we want to imply that there’s anything wrong with holding down foreign people in your land? Secondly, this apartheid talk is leftist drivel.

The point is to highlight their filthy hypocrisy, not because anyone necessarily sympathises with Palestinians. They make it illegal to not only criticise Israel, but also implement the exact same actions they used against South Africa. On top of that, a broken clock is right yada yada: I don't think anyone should reject a leftoid tenet just because it came from leftoids.

When people hear BDS all they can think of is the absolute most extreme leftists they know of. 38 billion dollar is a big fucking deal and I’d support to pound on that case as hard as you can. But what happens do BDS honestly doesn’t matter for frick

He would probably deny then justify. he would deny that claim by saying that Muslims, Christians, and Jews co-exist peacefully (like Kirk claimed before). He will then justify the laws that distinguish between Jews and Arabs by saying something along the lines of Jews have a sacred connection to the land.

There's plenty that an enterprising Groyper could say to respond to that.

For as much as I think one should target a religious zealotry for a foreign nation, I don’t think it looks good to come off as sympathetic to something that everyone exclusively associate with the far left.

From Patrick Casey telegram

There's much that could be said about America's relationship with Israel. To be sure, us giving them $38 billion dollars over the course of the next ten years is highly questionable. However, unlike Leftists, I don't believe that Israel's existence is illegitimate; indeed, it makes sense for each ethnic group to have a place in the world to call home. My main issue with Israel is the fact that those who don't unquestioningly support this foreign country are effectively blackballed from right-wing (and to a lesser extent left-wing) politics in America. Why should Americans need to demonstrate their loyalty to ANY foreign country in order to serve ours? I'm America First, not Israel First, and while I harbor no hatred toward Jews, I refuse to remain silent as dual citizens and their cronies engage in such gatekeeping. No individual, ethnic group, or nation should be immune from criticism.

I think we should stick to that framing.

I'm starting to think Nick is our Uncle reincarnated to deliver us from evil and restore order to our world

With gods help anything is possible. Zoomers are going to save America

I believe that as well. We know Boomers are hopeless, Gen X is hit or miss, and Millenials have been disappointing. I have faith in Zoomers.

We began to realize that owning a house with a cute gal- having kids in this society was taken away from us by DESIGN. Zoomers are angry- we just wanted the nice house with a loyal wife & kids waiting for you at the door. A country that resembles that of our ancestors.

We don’t want a country where we become a minority in our land by hostile people who don’t share any of our culture or beliefs.

Amen, young brother.

Not trying to concern troll or anything but what's the plan when Nick is inevitably deplatformed from youtube and twitter?

Groypers have been picking up so much steam lately, would hate to see this movement cucked so early.

This is a very very big mood lmao

Its a schmood

"failed art student" - "college dropout"

I think all drawings of Nicker should include the mustache regardless of whether present time Nicker has one or not.

"I'm doing my part!"

me on the bottom

Me on the far right

That’s actually awesome art

Based propaganda posting

the fire rises


Yes hello, based department?

"Roger. Based department here. Hello Chad department? Over"

Yo on the real though, for a little bit I thought Jake was the dude from Star Wars lol

Great pic. Really brings out Nick's inner twenty year-old boomer.

I think Gorka has deleted his entire YouTube channel and started again because of the groypers. His new channel is just called "Sebastian Gorka", he's removed the America First bit from the title and now all comments and like/dislike button are disabled.