remember when tucker carlson laughed in charlie kirk's face?

379  2019-11-04 by minecremer


He said the F word.

Yep. Family.

That and fascist

>I'm a total fascist about technology in my family

>Maybe you should start to think about your country a little bit more like a family



Tucker 2024

He knows what he’s doing

really makes ya

Like rock hard dude

What did he mean by this?

Tucker is a good guy. Kirk is a trust fund baby, he couldn’t give a shit about regular people.

So is Tucker but he has a self awareness and candor that makes him far more authentic that Kirk.

Yes Tucker also comes from wealth, he’s not a sociopath like Kirk though & actually cares about other people suffering.

Kirk is also average IQ, like Obama, an actor serving the required interests.

can yall quit talking about IQ. mine is 85 and it makes me feel inadequate :(

It's okay, it just means people won't watch your youtube streams. They won't watch mine either, I'm just really good at math.

  • ahem * #hello welcome to 12tone

He could easily become a popular streamer for something like a MOBA game or Pokémon with a low IQ

That's not bad, bud. You're better off than some people, and IQ isnt a very good indicator for individual worth.

It's not a measure of individual worth.




Mine is 80 and I tend towards brilliance

Where did you ger those results from?

As much as I dislike the dude I would not dare say Obama is average IQ, I’d say he’s at least pushing 120 MINIMUM.

If only having an above average IQ made you an above average leader :(

True, Obama is brilliant.

if if if if if if if if if if if if okie dokie

Oh my bad you're right. People with a stutter cant have high IQs

120 ought to be average for a college professor. People like Nick and Tucker are 140-160, and it makes a world of difference. 120 is low from the point of view discussing the show.

IQ is only somewhat interesting over 130

tfw 129

Yeah, this is absolutely true. I was part of a government study from a very early age and so I took multiple IQ tests through childhood and always scored above 140, with my best being 147.

Here's how it works: I can basically ALWAYS predict what people are going to say and, more importantly, WHY they're going to say it. Having conversations with the vast majority of people is just me in a teacher's role and it does get VERY old when people who literally cannot comprehend the way you think just endlessly argue with you.

People get upset with Nick for being "arrogant" or "mean", but I feel like him ALL THE TIME when I argue with 99.9% of people. It's all so tiresome.

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This. You can prepare for the test, pop stimulants, and take measures to score above your average ability. There is a "margin of error" with IQ testing

tucker: maybe you should treat your country like it's your family



lmao i love how he loses control over his entire body as the crowd erupts in agreement

It's like an epileptic seizure, or when you show a crucifix to a vampire.



I thought he was a neonazi or something.

who Kirk? lmao

That's what I've heard about TPUSA, anyway.

Given that he wakes up every morning kissing Israel's ass I doubt it

Alright, guess I got him mixed up with some body else then. The ADL still doesnt like him too much


$2.7 billion in tribute every year to Israel

$3.7 billion

/r/toiletpaperusa legit believes him to be far right

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i literally thought he was being satirical when he started the dramatic over the top kvetching lol

“Provide for national defense”

Ours? Or Israel’s? When was the last time you heard about troops being stationed at the US Border?

Whoa! Get this anti semite out of here!

He's a racist and an anti-semite, drop him!


yeah time to shut these uppity goyim down!



Cucks mad.

Tucker is the best we got in major media

EVER. Best we EVER had in MSM.

Underrated comment. And I don't mean this jointly.

It won't be long before Tucker starts naming them

Let's be real, even if he wanted to, it's not gonna happen anytime soon. In a political climate where nationalist ideas gets you labeled "nazi", Tucker has to turn up the optics to the max, becoming a modern Socrates. If he doesn't and go off like Nick, he could lose his position of influence.

Exactly. It would benefit no one

Only retarded wignats say this "durrr tucker name them" shit. Too obsessed with merchant gas chamber memes to grasp what the fuck matters in the here and now.

smart take

He basically does that in his book. More than half the book is about "nepotism". He picks Chelsea Clinton to do a deep dive on to avoid the obvious implications but calling out nepotism is a long ways down the wrong road for the kosher uniparty.

If his point here took off, people would start widely investigating nepotistic ties between people in power and then the noticing train truly leaves the station.

You don't have to name them to "name them".

yup. I don't like globallist my fellow liberal

Q: oh whys thats

A: Oh funny you should ask, because they are demonstrability bad for any and all countrys they operate in, as they see a country as something to leach off


It won't happen until Fox News fires him. And as soon as he begins naming them, he will be deplatformed everywhere and quickly memory-holed.

right now though the tucker report or whatever its called is one of fox's highest viewed shows

oh, for sure. but they have almost no advertisers for his time-slot because of the various outrage mob boycotts, meaning they aren't making much money off of his ratings. eventually, tucker will be forced out just like glenn beck was, and then he will be free to truly speak his mind.

hmm perhaps, overall however I'm fairly optimistic regarding how fox news will handle tucker. I mean take a look at old fox news CAN YOU GET ANY MORE BASED THAN THIS?

Fox makes most of their money off cable subscriptions anyway, meaning Tucker is still profitable for them even if they don't have many advertisers left.

It won't be long before Tucker starts naming them

"Maybe you should think of your country like your family"

Kirk shouting Noooo! sounds like he's some cartoon character being vanquished.

Joker moment

Murray Franklin moment


How could a person possibly think the statement "It isn't the government's role to take care of it's citizens" is reasonable?

tv box programming

Genuinely used to think this when I was a cringe libertarian a few years ago almost went full ancap but was pulled back to the light and now cringe whenever shit like what Kirk spews is brought up that I ever used to think like that.


me too, thankfully we've all moved on. F for all nibbas who are stuck in libertarian purgatory.

You think that’s cringe I used to be a bread tube watcher before I was a Nicker

yikes! lets unpack this

It's ok you're safe with us now, that freak contrapoints can't hurt you now big guy.

technically it isn't, but desperate times require relentless action, so i support the government intervening.

ideally we'd all be living on ethnonationalist kibbutzim where you're taken care of by your collective and not a central government ruling over millions.

the kibbutz might be one of the only good things israel has given this world.

What should government be if not an entity based on tradition and family values extended to society as a whole? The progression of scale for social units is macrocosmic, nations are simply the next step after states, which proceed from tribalism and ultimately the family unit.

This is the reason tradition-based societies refer to their homes as the fatherland and give patriarchal titles such as King or Emperor to their leaders, whereas these vague and purposeless, modern and postmodern governmental structures abandon meritocratic hierarchy, or abandon hierarchy altogether, and refer to their homelands as mother. (Mother Russia, Mother America, vs the fatherland, kingdoms, empires)

refer to their homelands as mother. (Mother Russia, Mother America, vs the fatherland, kingdoms, empires)

These refer to nations. I know people use nation/government/country interchangeably, but the most accurate meaning is an ethnic group. Ie, the Kurds are a nation without a country.

When people talk about 'the motherland', they're never referring to governments.

Downvoted by dumb neocons. Motherlands are a traditional personification of the people/nation. There is nothing leftist about it.

I...don't know what neocons have to do with this, one way or another.

What you have to watch out for is the state filling in for the family rather than accentuating it. Like SS/Medicare telling people they don't need to save or have kids because the state will pay their retirement. The Left loves to see the country as a big family, it's just that it's their "Modern Family" with adopted(imported) kids, degeneracy, and groupthink. The function of individual families is devastated to drive demand for the centralized control of family/economic/social functions.

The properly ordered society will have strong, self-sufficient families. Individuals will be familiar with the structure of their family and apply that to higher levels of organization. That's how you build something worth caring about and fighting for.

I'm more worried that you can't possibly fathom that people have different views on what the purpose of a government is. Like, disagree, that's cool. But you can't even imagine someone disagreeing with you? That's...not good, man.


At the very least a more reasonable take would be the government is there to assist the citizens

Literally uses “fascist” as a honorary word, the fucking madman

what a legend

And the crowd cheers

Whitepill of the week

"Im a total fascist with my family" 2 secs later.. "maybe we should treat our country more like a family"

tucker is definitely /ourguy/ and his optics are on a different level

He'll run in 2024. Watch.

God, I hope so

That’s why he’s so good. Nobody else would even float the idea of what he said just for fear of media reports twisting. Tucker doesn’t care and says it because it’s true.



Two terms of Trump

Then two terms of Tuck

Then Nick ascends to the throne of American Emperor.

blessed timeline

He'll only be 34 by 2032.

there aren't going to be "elections" anymore after two terms of tuck...

"It's not the government's job to take care of its citizens; it's the government's job to take care of Israel's citizens!"

The instant tucker starts taking about controlling the market microface starts sweating about the spanking he’s going to get from his masters.



I'm so glad I didn't have tech when growing up as a kid. I mean apart from an old gameboy. When you have kids remove access to any and all phones esp computers with internet. And just give them books, lots n lots of books.

Amen. I hardly see skateboards or bike riding.

you know I didn't think anything of it when I was a kid but those long summer days spent biking around with the boys were truly great

I don't think kids go around their neighborhoods any more. No unsupervised play, no just hanging out with friends, at least not until they're teenagers. And I'm not that old. I guess that's not all techs fault though.

BMX is dead. That’s all we did everyday. Building jumps, going to the skatepark.

Dave Mirra was our hero. Sadly, Dave killed himself a few years ago and the entire era died with him.

Kirk got verbally garroted there. Beautiful.

Tucker gave one his signature laughs the same way he laughs at leftists




That's hilarious that the man who constantly advocates sending young American men and women to die in Israel states that the role of the military is to defend the nation from foreign adversaries (which isn't looking after the citizenry goys)!!!

Tuckle Carlson

Tucker definitely watches Nick. And he's impressed too.

Tucker is great.

Here's a youtube link for this.

It's not the job of the government to take care of its citizens, but it's the duty of multinational corporations to manipulate us into destructive habits that are profitable for them.

Imagine counter signalling Tucker Carlson

Bowtie Nationalism




I never saw this holy shit Tucker BODIED him lmao!

When Charlie debates he only thinks of the immediate question/response.

He never looks ahead and plans his question based on future questions and how the person will respond.

Tucker is our guy

I honestly hate Kirk more than Liberals. Not only is he subversive, he's not even thoughtful. This is common sense stuff that he's fucking up.