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It’s not even a bitter/mean thing, it’s totally logical. If you treat your body like shit and you follow your transient, hedonistic impulses to such a degree that you are willing to destroy your body for them, you are literally not entitled to an opinion. In my view you shouldn’t even really be entitled to LIFE because you treat your God-given right as some hedonistic never-ending party.

I’m not advocating for violence against fat people obviously, but if you’re a hedonistic fatty don’t wonder why you might end up in hell when you die.


im not a hateful person but i literally do hate fat people

which goes to show how hateable they are.

They're gross, if they existed a few centuries ago, theyd die before they hit 30. The main reason I'm against free healthcare, is because the majority of people who need treatment are fat fucks who have no self discipline. Being a food addict is worse than being addicted to hard drugs IMO, it's fucking disgusting. I only eat 1200 calories a day sometimes. Literally how do people shove 5000 calories into their stupid fat face on a regular basis?

If my country actually had a free healthcare market I'd create an insurance that banned fat people (as well as smokers, vegans, etc.). I hate that I have to pay for irresponsible people.

I read somewhere that smokers and obese people are actually cheaper on the healthcare system, because the most expensive thing is old age and they die early lol. Not sure if true, makes sense to me though.

Honestly more than 80% of general health problems are caused directly by what an individual eats and/or by what their parents ate. What you do to you body every single day of your life will heavily effect your offspring. Imagine if doctors and schools taught that and society believed it and ostracized and shamed those who eat shit.

These people make the meaning of healthcare into paying someone else to care about your health because you obviously don't.

I’m not advocating for violence against fat people obviously

No amount of punches could be more damaging than the strain these fatass losers put on their organs CONSOOMING 4k+ calories a day.

"Do you boast about your fitness? Watch out – you’ll unavoidably become rightwing"

One of the commentators talking about "body fascism" I really fucking hate the Guardian.

I'm triply okay with fitness being a right wing thing

Incredibly based

absolutely based

gavin once had tucker on his podcast and brought up the point that fat lazy people are less able to reason. totally makes sense when they're a slave to desires. could be a side effect of higher estrogen too

Yep Gluttony is one of the 7 that people usually forget or don't take notice of.

Oh great

She is still mad that people called her out for not conserving anything.

Just eat less boom I solved your problems fat brains.

I wouldn't say completely worthless, it's just not as valuable as a normal person's.

Like 3/5ths as valuable?

its inverse. As fat increases, your value as an opinion decreases.

Absolutely based

Sounds like a compromise

If you're fat GTFO or start eating 1000 calories a day and do cardio right now. Being fat Is such a fixable problem yet most tubbies are too lazy to do anything about it.

These fat cunts could lose weight eating twice that much. It's absurd.

Yeah I know. I got a friend who's 6'1 and 300 lbs, and he always talks about if he could lose 50 lbs his life would be so much better. Yet he drinks powerade and Gatorade all day, and the only meals he eats are garbage fast food, it's not even like he eats that much, he probably eats 2500 calories at the most, but he refuses to drink water, drinks sugary drinks all day, and never does any cardio. I'm a skinny fuck and I need to gain weight, but I will never understand how people just sit on their ass and stuff their face with food all I day, shit I can understand heroin addiction more than somebody who eats 4000-6000 calories a day.

There is no way that at 300lbs he is eating 2500 calories a day he would lose weight.

Maybe he meant eating 2500, but drinking another 2500? That'd be a lot of Gatorade, though...

I think people underestimate how many calories are in some foods, 150g of nuts is like 1000cal.

Lol look at BBQ sauce sometimes. Or oreos, peanut butter, olive oil, and stuff like that. Fat is incredibly dense calories.

It's also very filling. Der Erwige FDA wants you to eat fat free sugar bombs

If he’s 6’1 he needs lose 100 Lbs tbh

170 is a good weight for 6'1 :0

That's pretty stick mode, bro.

not really bro you can have a good amount of muscle 170 6'1.

I'm 6'1 and I really don't think so lol. I was tiny at 170.

are you bloatmaxing? 170 is smack dab in the middle of normal BMI.

Lol if you weigh 170 at 6”1, you better stay out of the wind or it will knock you over

you sound fat

You sound like you gobble cocks

I'm like ~15% bodyfat. I have visible abs lol. So no.

My bad bro didn't know i was dealing with a chad. But if your not a chad athlete 6'1 170 is pretty normal. Before everybody got fat adult males weighed like 160.

Yeah 170 isn't too bad. Just different perspectives, I suppose. I was a college athlete and I do bodybuilding now, so I'm obviously biased a bit. Idk. It's just weird to me. My groyper best friend is a D1 athlete, 6'3, and weighs about 280 lmao.

As long as you hit the gym and aren't fat, I won't gripe tho. I'm just a firm believer that we aren't evolved to be sedentary.

Yea 170 obviously isnt peak athleticism but if ur a fatty then you probably arent ever going to be mogging people. But 280 dude must have some fat on him zion williams is like 6'6 280.

He's definitely chubbier than me, yeah, but less than you'd think. He's a D1 defensive end/tackle. Guy is insane strong. Squats like 700lbs and benches 475. Most chad guy I've ever met.

Good to have groypers that can groyp people around

BMI is a trash measurement. If you’re not overweight according to it you really don’t have much muscle mass at all. And that’s not even bloatmax. Basically all athletes are overweight according to BMI.

Thats just not true BMI is perfectly good for almost everyone. Yes its true that it doesn't apply properly to athletes but that is not who it was made for anyways.

Yes it’s good for large sample size but being in the middle of BMI when you lift weights is kind of sad if you’re not a beginner

170 is great. I’m 6’1 and like 120, and I can’t get bigger

Eat more calories lol. Unless you have tapeworms or some shit, you'll get bigger. I'm 240lbs right now. That's wild I'm double your weight at the same height.

It’s not something that can be changed. It’s fate, man

It can definitely be changed. 100% I could make you gain weight lmao. I've heard this from so many people at the gym. Track your calories.

true, I was one of the people believed my fate was determined by "ecto/meso/endo" shit. went from 120 to 170 in a year from 3500 cals a day and working out, 50 pounds of muscle and fat can turn most stick bugs into regular looking humans.

Jesus Christ man your ribs aren’t supposed to be useful as an abacus


Its easy to get into unhealty eating as a coping mechanism, for exaple under stress. I was on the best way to become like that but I realised what I was doing thankfully. Still no excuse to stay fat and complain about it though.

Tbf a fucking candy bar is like 2-400 calories

I use them when im bulking cause its so much easier to finish a snickers than the same calories of chicken or veggies or pasta

I bulk on milkshakes and McDonalds. It's so hard to get over 250 for me without. I can't comprehend how people become morbidly obese.

Whole milk and raisin bran (half and half for bloatmaxxers) Its like 400-500 calories a bowl and helps you shit.

I cant do too much really sugary stuff anymore. So now i gotta eat old people stuff like that.

I go through a gallon of whole milk in 3 days, usually. I hate raisins, though. Miss me with that shit.

How can you dislike something that helps you peepee poopoo

I just drink coffee every morning and I'm set. I do eat a lot of fiber and have some fiber supplements too, though.

I feel you

I bulk on milkshakes and McDonalds. It's so hard to get over 250 for me without. I can't comprehend how people become morbidly obese.

Tell him to consider zero calorie drinks. That is how I've been doing it.

bro its my genetics ok

Literally just eat nothing but a pound of chicken a day you'll lose weight really fast and you won't even be hungry.

Yeah that’s basically what I did. Lost 40 lbs

Same. Need to cut more though

That'll constipate you and could give you kidney stones.

That'll constipate you

It goes the other direction...

could give you kidney stones


Among the conditions linked to high protein diets are:

High cholesterol and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease

Increased cancer risk

Kidney disease and kidney stones

Weight gain (yes, this seems odd for a proposed weight loss strategy)

Constipation or diarrhea

A weight-based recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. For a 140 pound person, that comes to 51 grams of protein each day...Active people – especially those who are trying to build muscle mass - may need more.

You will need more if you're trying to lift which you should be. 0.8g/lb of lean body mass specifically.

Weight gain (yes, this seems odd for a proposed weight loss strategy)

You're not going to gain weight eating at a deficit, a pound of chicken is less than 1000 calories.

Protein poisoning

Protein poisoning (also referred to colloquially as rabbit starvation, mal de caribou, or fat starvation) is a rare form of acute malnutrition thought to be caused by a near complete absence of fat in the diet.

Excess protein is sometimes cited as the cause of this condition, but when meat and fat are consumed in the correct ratio, such as that found in pemmican (which is 50% fat by volume), the diet is considered nutritionally complete and can support humans for months or more. Other stressors, such as severe cold or a dry environment, may intensify symptoms or decrease time to onset. Symptoms include diarrhea, headache, fatigue, low blood pressure, slow heart rate, and a vague discomfort and hunger (very similar to a food craving) that can be satisfied only by the consumption of fat.

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You don't need fat if you have your own fat to burn. And you can always have thighs if breasts are too lean, but plenty of people survive on nothing but breasts when cutting.

I would believe their opinion on which is the superior cookie recipe not what broad transformations we need to make in society.

Anyone with a certain % of body fat should lose all right to a political opinion

I have a hard time even listening to a fat when they’re talking to me. I’m literally just going “look at this fucking monster”, “this absolute mess”, “fatso fatty”, etc in my head. Almost no respect for a fat and no fat should be promoted to a position of power for this reason.

For men it’s nots as bad. If a man is fat but is the king of his job and makes lots of money I don’t see a problem unless he’s crazy morbidly obese. A mans job in the world is make money.

But for any fat woman I get those same thoughts. A woman’s primary job in life is to be attractive and she can’t even do the most basic part of being attractive. I can’t even listen to a morbidly obese woman.

Man's job is to take care of his family, money is only a way to do so.

t. Fatty

Take the fasting pill, use hunger as a tool to train yourself against sloth and greed.


Just NorthKoreamaxxx bro

Same thing if someone is scrawny, if you don’t take yourself seriously enough to keep yourself healthy then why would I take what you have to say seriously.

Scrawny is a lot more understandable than fat

Fat is self indulgence, skinny could be just having a bad appetite. Still bulk up or slim down if you need to.

5'8" and 30 lbs heavier than you.. and I still feel like a twig who needs to hit the gym

What about Sam Francis?

The chad smoker in a joker mask vs the cringe and bluepilled obese man.

Cigars and scotch for special occasions Is the last stand of white identity

If you guys are fat, browse /fat/ threads on fit.

I used to be obese, and now I'm pathologically avoidant with food. Sometimes I eat all day long, and I still only hit like 3k calories max.

Same bro i needed to force myself to not eat. It was an addiction that i needed to break free from.