Stefan Molyneux looks like hes about to lose his PayPal account for being, shockingly, white and right wing.

74  2019-11-05 by B-Clinton-Rapist


Interesting this started after he started talking about the you know whoish people on Twitter.

Stefan "If Jews are white the Holocaust was white genocide" Molyneux does it again

How are people okay with this? I know hurr durr private company but saying you can't use a payment processor because we don't like your beliefs is fucking nightmarish.

The worst is all the shills in the lolberg subs who pretend like they're somehow advancing Ron Paul's vision by cheering on the """free market""" putting all of his highest-profile supporters up against the wall

Its digusting. If the government did it conservative Inc would be up in arms, were just shifting our rights away from the government to corporations.

Leftists, who should be defending the common man from corporations, are ok with this because conservatives are the ones targetted. Liberals have no spines for their beliefs, as long as theyre not targetted

Look at her and all of her 5,000 followers. Little girl playing with the big boys.

Good God. Shit like this fuels my self hatred. Fecking curryfoid is bragging abt getting ppl divested. How evil do you have to be to brag abt taking another person's livelihood.