Larry Johnson dropping redpills

347  2019-11-06 by THOT_Analytica


Everything about this post is /r/The_Donald tier

Edit: Lmao, OP does actually post on T_D and also /r/Anarcho_Capitalism

How so?

1: "dropping redpills" in title.

2: Attacking extremely low-hanging fruit of drag-queens and pretending this is some revolutionary act.

3: Muh based minority


The right eats it’s own.

But actually, support non whites who speak out against this shit and liberalism in general.

Don’t cuck, but there’s no reason to affirm all the liberal fears of “join with us or all the racist whites will kill you”

A future will be far more securable if the opposition isn’t united




It's just the damndest thing, I put down Dr. Seuss and all of a sudden I was hanging brain

Burn that thing.

Basketball Americans are natural conservatives.

  • Chuckie Kirk

There are a lot of based black conservatives, unfortunately neocons want the face of black conservatives to be that .. Cardi B fan.

„A lot“ yeah all 6 of them lol

Some, not "a lot".


Every one of them is elevated in social media and paraded around as a token to where it appears there are many more than they are.

That's not what the voting patters say.

Holy shit that cardi b comment made me cringe externally.

The legendary baste black man

Unironocally based black man


And then suddenly for no reason at all...

...Hitler came to power, restored order and normalcy to everyday life.

Amazing isn't it?

Always liked using him on the old 2K games

He should listen to Malcolm X. He knew.

tfw when a black civil rights activist was more based and redpilled than 90% of modern day conservatives

He was the guy that initially introduced me to some of these ideas. And it was because the right wing boomers complained that he was racist... Conservatives what have you become 😭

Based HoF Quality QB

Honestly guys all of my redpilled friends in Seattle are asian or hapa zoomers.

T.oldfag in college

Few cool ex mil guys but they’re not “red pilled”

The zoomers are

Dude was a great running back.

Larry stop being anti Semitic …………

Based? Based?